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Employment Attorneys in Indianapolis

Knowledgeable, Experienced Trial Lawyers Who Care

At the Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, all of our attorneys have empathy for your situation. We help people all over Indiana in the same or similar circumstances every day. The reason there are so many laws that employers have to follow is they keep breaking them or finding ways around them.


Employees are the strength of every company or organization. When they are not treated fairly, someone needs to stand up and say, "enough!" We are proud and honored to do this for you, just as we have done for thousands of others. We will work diligently to hold your employer accountable for its illegal actions against you.

Call our office at 800-872-2334 to schedule your free, confidential phone consultation or contact us online. Our office is centrally located in Indianapolis so we can help employees everywhere in the state.