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October 2011 Archives

Indiana Commission alerts us that discrimination still taking place

The goal of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission is to prevent all discrimination based on race, gender, age and disability from ever occurring in an Indiana school, housing accommodation or place of employment. Though this goal is laudable, it is unfortunate that this will likely never occur. Such discrimination is so pervasive in Indiana and the rest of the world that the agency will probably never catch up with its backlog of work.

Religious discrimination in the workplace should not be occurring in Indiana

We don't think about religion when it comes to claims of harassment or discrimination in an Indiana work place. However, with more diverse workplaces and individuals relocating in greater numbers, the number of different religious affiliations at any given workplace has dramatically increased. This may also be the reason why complaints of religious discrimination are second only to sexual harassment complaints in the workforce.

The Indianapolis Colts are being sued for paying less than minimum wages

A hostess that worked in the press box for the Indianapolis Colts alleges that she was underpaid for her job duties and is now taking her case to the Federal District Court in Indianapolis. The hostess and a number of her co-employees were paid only $40 for an eight hour workday. Federally mandated minimum wage laws indicate that she should have been paid at least $7.75 per hour.

Disputed legislation may affect the rights of Indiana workers

There is disputed legislation making its way through the Indiana house popularly known as the "right to work" proposal. This legislation would make it illegal in Indiana for workers to be required to pay union representation dues. Though such a proposal will probably not be passed until well into next year, whatever is passed will affect the wages and benefits of workers throughout the state.

Large retail supplier accused of employment discrimination

Bass Pro Shops, a supplier of fishing and hunting gear in Indiana, has been accused of discrimination based upon race in their employment hiring practices. The U.S. Equal Employment Commission (EEOC) recently filed a lawsuit based on these allegations against Bass Pro Shops in federal court.

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