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October 2012 Archives

Claim of unlawfully reduced pensions for veterans gets a second look

Workers in Indiana who are close to retirement age know how important a pension can be. With the increased instability of Social Security, many baby-boomers are looking forward to the financial security that a pension can provide. But what if you discovered that your pension had been deliberately decreased without your knowledge? What if that reduction had been done so in a manner that could be seen as unlawful?

Attorney sued for sexually harassing four legal assistants

In the state of Indiana, we expect that the legal system and its lawyers will protect us from injustice and protect our rights at all costs. It's very rare when we see something that makes us think otherwise, but for people in California, this was just the case.

'Fluctuating' workweeks raising red flags with employees

According to the Indiana Department of Labor, employers are required to pay employees at 1 ½ times their regular rate of pay when employees work more than forty hours during a work week. This "overtime compensation" has exceptions of course, but many non-employees argue that some companies are using loopholes to purposely avoid paying overtime hours.

Walmart employees strike over questionable business practices

People in Indiana and across the United States may already be aware of the heated situation between Walmart and its employees. In what started as a strike involving warehouse workers for Walmart's distribution centers has exploded into a company-wide strike that now includes cashiers and other store employees.

U.S. Supreme Court steps in to get HR and employers on same page

In just the last year alone, district courts across the nation have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of cases dealing with everything from discrimination to sexual harassment in the workplace. Despite the outcome to the trials, one thing has become fairly clear to judges of the U.S. Supreme Court: employers are not on the same page as their human resources department.

How changing jobs can affect your social network

Recent court cases across the nation have many people wondering: if you or your company severe ties, who gets to keep your friends? In this day and age, social media is everywhere and with a majority of businesses choosing Twitter and Facebook over traditional advertisement it makes some wonder: what portion of the information and followers does the company get to keep when an employee leaves the company?

Sexism still in the workplace

In 1970, 46 women sued Newsweek magazine for gender discrimination in the workplace. When they were interviewed for their jobs they had been told that women did not write at Newsweek and if they wanted to write, they should go somewhere else.

EEOC makes huge push to end workplace discrimination based on weight

Nearly two decades ago, obese people in the workplace had no protection against discrimination based on their weight. Over the course of 20 years, probably hundreds of people in Indiana and across the nation have been fired not because their performance was slipping or because they weren't meeting expectations for their specific job but because their bosses felt that they were "too fat."

Woman sues after personality tests disqualifies her for a job

With the Indiana job market so saturated with job applicants, employers have become more choosey about the employees that they decide to hire. Many companies have even begun performing personality tests on potential employees to see how they react in certain situations and whether their personality would be a good fit for their company.

Bank of America sued by disabled worker for discrimination

Awhile ago, a 38-year-old man was severely injured in a car accident that left his right hand, arm and leg disabled for the rest of his life. According to him, when he worked for Merrill Lynch, they were incredibly accommodating, making sure that he had enough time to complete his work and even giving him extra time to get back to work after taking a break.

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