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November 2012 Archives

US Supreme Court to decide on issue of 'supervisor' definition

Readers of our blog may remember our October 17 article in which we discussed an issue that had appellate courts across the nation in direct opposition of each other. The issue revolved around the question of who qualifies as a supervisor especially when it comes to the issue of harassment in the workplace.

What affect are striking Walmart employees having on shoppers?

Reader's of our blog know that we've been following the striking Walmart employees since October, explaining how current and former employees have been gathering in protest of Walmart's unfair business practices towards its employees.

Price is Right model wins wrongful termination suit

A woman just received a small fortune from "The Price is Right," and she wasn't even a contestant. This week, a model for the popular game show won a wrongful termination lawsuit against her former employer, claiming that the show improperly ended her employment. According to the lawsuit, the model was released from the show after twice becoming pregnant and once going on disability leave.

Could recent court decisions affect collective filings against employers?

Many people in Indiana, when they sign their terms of agreement with a new employer, they hardly read them all; the fine print generally gets skimmed over which could turn into a nasty legal battle, especially if your employer specifically places a provision in your contract that restricts how you can file lawsuits against the company for whom you are employed.

Waffle House CEO accused of sexual harassment by former employee

Nearly everyone in Indiana, and in other states across the nation, is aware of the fact that the law protects employees from sexual harassment in the workplace. Accusations are taken incredibly serious; sometimes, cases can even involve the police.

Woman files discrimination lawsuit against Deere and Co.

People in Indiana, and across the nation, expect that they will be relatively safe from persecution or discrimination at their job. Though most businesses enforce serious consequences to anyone who breaks anti-discrimination and harassment rules, often times, managers and supervisors are largely unaware of their employee's behavior towards their coworkers. But what if your manager is aware of it? What if they do nothing to stop it?

Employment contracts: how they can help and hurt at the same time

Though a majority of the jobs in the workplace don't require employment contracts, high-level employees and management do. For people in these types of situations, it is important to note that companies do have to follow certain employment rules which may come into play in the event that your employer chooses to terminate your employment.

US Supreme Court could step in on DOMA cases

For most people across the state, the upcoming election means more than just who will become the next president, it could change whether employers offer benefits to same-sex couples or not.

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