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March 2013 Archives

Can being a smoker at work cost you your job?

As many people in Indiana are already well aware, there are a lot of things that employers can't do when it comes to your employment. Strict state and federal laws protect a worker's most basic rights, as well as a few others some workers may not even be aware they have.

Woman sues employer for discriminating against religious beliefs

For some people in Indiana, religious beliefs are an important part of their lives. Following religious code in the workplace may never become an issue for many but for some these religious practices could become a source of contention if coworkers and management are not sensitive to the situation. In some cases, people may not be aware that they could be experiencing religious discrimination until after an incident has occurred.

Man takes time off work for stress, returns only to be fired

Because of a news story that is sweeping news agencies around the world, people here in Indiana are beginning to question how far of a reach their employers have when it comes to your mental health. This is especially true when it comes to doctor-ordered vacations and whether or not you can be fired for what you do while on said vacation.

How best to work through a contract dispute

Although a majority of jobs in the state of Indiana don't require employment contracts, there are still a lot that do, which leaves a portion of the workforce who may not know what their next steps should be when facing a contract dispute. In most cases, when a person feels like they've been wronged they want to seek legal representation. And although this may be a good idea in more escalated situations, it may not be the right option in others.

Social Security workers accuse agency of discrimination and retaliation

When most people in the state of Indiana think about the Social Security Administration, we think of a government agency that not only provides benefits to elderly people but to those suffering from severe mental or physical disabilities as well. But according to many current and former employees of the agency, this well-to-do exterior hides a cornucopia of employment law violations.

Weight Watchers employees raise concerns about unfair labor practices

As the cost of living continues to rise across the nation, many people-including those here in Indiana-are finding it harder and harder to support themselves. Because despite the fact that companies are finally starting to rebound after the recession, wages continue to flounder.

Could Yahoo's axe on telecommuting cause legal issues for company?

Most people in Indiana, and throughout the nation, see telecommuting as an invaluable asset; and after the recent snowstorms in the Midwest, this couldn't be closer to the truth. Many people see it as an opportunity to get all of their work done without the distractions that often times are associated with a noisy office area. While most people see telecommuting as a pro, others see it as a detriment to how the workforce functions.

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