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December 2013 Archives

Indiana deli employee faces retaliation for discrimination claim

Employees deserve to have a safe and healthy work environment. No one deserves to go to work only to be treated unfairly or disparaged. In fact, workers should be evaluated on their ability to perform their job, rather than qualities or characteristics outside of their control.

Enjoy your company's holiday party -- but be careful, too

Many employees and companies look forward to their holiday parties. It's a time for celebration -- and to reflect on a good year of business. However, these holiday parties are famously fraught with peril (if a little bit stereotyped). There can be legal issues for employees and employers alike when the alcohol is set out on the table and the workers loosen their ties or let down their hair.

Female professor sues school for discrimination

A federal complaint was filed against Indiana University Northwest by an assistant professor in the school's English department. The female employee is stating that she was denied tenure and lost her position because she is openly gay, and is claiming unlawful sex discrimination.

Protect yourself after wrongful termination

Leaving a place of employment and seeking another position typically requires presenting a set of references to the potential new employer. Many people are under the impression that a previous employer can only disclose the dates of employment and job title. The residents of Indiana may be interested to learn that in many cases, prior employers are not willing to provide positive feedback, which can prevent the former employee from getting hired at a new job.

Labor board says Walmart violated employee rights

The National Labor Relations Board said that it is prepared to proceed with legal action against Walmart for violation of employees' rights. The NLRB's announcement came after the federal agency found merit in charges filed on behalf of Walmart employees at multiple stores in 14 states, not including Indiana. The charges claimed the retailer engaged in wrongful discharge and other retaliatory conduct against workers who engaged in legally protected protests, strikes and other concerted activity.

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