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February 2014 Archives

Update: Indiana Senate makes changes to unpaid wages bill

It can be difficult to challenge an employer in the event of a breach of contract. Fears about job loss are weighed against the severity of the problems experienced by the individual. Changes to state legislation in Indiana dramatically affect employer liability in the case of wage disputes, as well as reducing the amount to be gained by employees who feel their employment contracts have been breached.

Man claims employment discrimination after being fired

It may come as a shock to learn that there is a possibility of an employee being discriminated against and fired for refusing to engage in a sexual relationship with his or her boss. You may think that the most common victims are female, but it can happen to men too. Such appears to be the case of a man in who is alleging he experienced employment discrimination when he was fired after ending a forced sexual relationship with a supervisor, who happened to be female, while working at the fast food restaurant Hardee's.

Indiana Supreme Court considers wrongful termination suit

One of the responsibilities of being an employer is appropriately handling disputes with an employee. Both parties are obligated to honor their employment contract. If either one is in breach of it, this can lead to termination of the contract, or even legal disputes. If an individual feels they have been treated unfairly by their place of work, the repercussions can be severe. In Indiana, a local union has approached the Supreme Court over a matter of wrongful termination of employee contracts.

Sexual harassment lawsuit plagues gubernatorial candidate

It can be hard for a person to admit that he or she has been a victim of sexual harassment in the workplace. Oftentimes, these people would rather keep quiet than attract unwanted attention and judgment from others. Furthermore, going head-to-head with a boss who is the sexual harassment aggressor is not something that many are too keen on pursuing, especially if the boss happens to be a powerful person.

Former meat packer files wrongful termination lawsuit

When workers alert their bosses to possible dangers and risks to consumers, they may think they will be rewarded for performing above and beyond their job responsibilities. After all, they may have single-handedly prevented lawsuits that could be brought against their employer if the dangers had gone unreported. This was not the case for a former employee of Smithfield Packing Co. in North Carolina who has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company.

House Bill threatens unpaid wage claims in Indiana

Wage theft is a horrifying prospect for any hard-working employee. For some people, every penny counts, and not being paid the money they are owed can have devastating effects on their lives and well-being. Fortunately, residents of Indiana have the benefit of powerful legislation surrounding wage claims. In the event that they are not paid on time, or paid less than they should be, individuals are able to claim as much as three times the amount owed in addition to reasonable attorney's fees.

Food allergy discrimination goes to Indiana Supreme Court

All people deserve the right to work, study and live their lives without discrimination. However, incidents of discrimination are not uncommon in the United States, and many people experience difficulties in Indiana each year. Disability discrimination can occur in many different forms, ranging from employment opportunities to inadequate access to a building.

Employer retaliation was number one complaint in 2013

Given the progress made in labor laws over the years, it is difficult to imagine that employer retaliation still exists in this day and age. It, however, does exist, and new reports point to it being a growing and significant issue. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission for the U.S. has recently reported that employer retaliation was the top complaint they received in the 2013 fiscal year. Employees have identified discussing discrimination while on the job as well as filing a lawsuit against their employer as primary reasons for employer retaliation.

Indiana University Health faces race discrimination charges

Work is a vital part of our everyday lives, and many of us spend a large percentage of our time in the workplace. Due to the importance of our jobs and the amount of time we spend in work environments, it is important that all workers feel comfortable in their positions. Unfortunately, many people in Indiana experience employment discrimination each year. This can take the form of age, sex and race discrimination, among others.

Paid FMLA leave may benefit economy and workers

The Family Medical Leave Act was a steppingstone when it became law 21 years ago. Throughout the years, the FMLA has allowed individuals to keep their jobs when dealing with such issues as a family emergency or caring for a baby. There are still improvements to be made with the FMLA though, such as family and medical leave becoming paid.

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