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March 2014 Archives

Indiana sexual harassment ruling challenged by new bill

Everyone deserves to feel safe in her or his place of work. Although it is true that not all employers and employees will get along, they have an obligation to treat each other fairly and with respect. However, many workers experience sexual harassment or other forms of abuse in the workplace. One such case in Indiana has recently seen a U.S. Supreme Court decision challenged by potential new legislation.

Indiana police officer fired and re-hired after drinking arrests

Most Indiana residents will agree that enforcement of laws against driving under the influence of alcohol contributes to the safety of our roads. Still, every month courts convict drivers caught operating vehicles while intoxicated. Some people even lose their jobs as a result. Is it right that employment can be terminated because of breaking drinking laws?

Former Honda employee sues for workplace discrimination

In this day and age when laws against gender and racial discrimination are firmly in place, it is perplexing to know that many people still experience different forms of discrimination, not just in the community, but also in the workplace. Discrimination can happen to employees of small and large businesses alike, as in the case of a former employee of Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, who complained of race discrimination in the workplace.

Historic Indiana dispute resolution case still making waves

Today the industrial workplace is very different from eight decades ago when the National Labor Relations Act was promulgated into law. Back then an adversarial culture of “us-and-them” was the norm in industry, with managers and workers mutually suspicious of each other.

Be vigilant about gender discrimination in the Indiana workplace

Employers and employees in Indiana are becoming increasingly sensitive to issues of workplace discrimination, and rightly so. One of the biggest areas of potential discrimination is bias against women, borne out by the fact that nationally women in full-time jobs still earn only 77 percent of what men earn.

Former baseball coach's wrongful termination claim dismissed

One thing most employees hope for is job security. If you are performing your duties sufficiently, there should be no reason to be dismissed. Nevertheless, sometimes employers will act unjustly and terminate an employee's contract without good reason. This is especially possible in employment-at-will states such as Indiana, but can occur anywhere within the United States.

Indiana hotel aims to train disabled employees

One of the great challenges facing an employee with a disability is finding fair and adequate treatment in the workplace. Although these employees may have some limitations on what jobs they are able to perform, they have just as much of a right to employment. However, discrimination can often leave them struggling to find a job. A hotel in Indiana is setting a new precedent by training disabled employees as part of its workforce.

Some private firm employees now protected from retaliation

The protection of employees and their rights has always been a big issue in the workforce. The government continues to do everything possible to make sure that employees do not ever have to face employer retaliation. The workplace has developed greatly in this matter over the years and continues to develop. The United States Supreme Court has now ruled that private firm employees who deal with publicly traded companies and act as whistleblowers are protected from retaliation.

Overtime pay a big consideration for Indiana winter workers

With the harsher and longer winter that Indiana has experienced recently, it is important for companies that work during this season to update their work policies accordingly. Wages should always be in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act so that employee’s rights are treated fairly as they work extra hours during the cold weather.

Indiana employer accused of sexual harassment

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their workplace. With different people come different personalities, and not all employees and employers will get along with each other. However, it is the responsibility of each individual to conduct themselves appropriately and not make other workers feel uncomfortable. Unfortunately, many workers are treated inappropriately by their colleagues or superiors.

Employee fired after taking FMLA leave

The Family and Medical Leave Act was enacted to give employees job protection when they needed to take a significant time off for medical reasons or to take care of their family members. The FMLA continues to protect employees in this matter. Sometimes though, employers may violate this act. Indiana residents may be interested in reading about the incident of a Georgia court clerk who allegedly was wrongfully terminated after taking FMLA leave due to a disability involving Crohn’s Disease.

Indiana cancels proposal allowing religious discrimination

Most people hope to be judged on their personal merits, not by a preconceived notion based on their age, sex, gender or other characteristics irrelevant to their position. For a hard-working individual, workplace discrimination is an upsetting possibility. The idea that no matter how well you may do your job, you might be treated differently because of matters that are beyond your control is something that no one should have to tolerate. Nevertheless, a recent proposal in Indiana threatened to allow religious discrimination within the workplace.

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