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April 2014 Archives

Health system pays $180,000 in disability discrimination lawsuit

If an employee is working hard and complying with the terms of his or her employment, there should be no reason for employers to dismiss the employee. However, many disabled employees receive unfair treatment or are even subject to wrongful discharge as a result of their conditions. For some people, it can be difficult to even find a job, as some employers are reluctant to hire someone with disabilities. Residents of Indiana should be on the lookout for such discrimination and be prepared to challenge it.

Pregnant woman fired from job sued her employer

For many women in Indianapolis and all over the world, pregnancy is a time of joy. And in today's world, “having it all” is easier than ever for women. Changes to employment laws make it easier for women to receive reasonable accommodation in order to continue to work while pregnant, without fear of employment retaliation. Some businesses even offer post-pregnancy help, such as having lactation rooms on the premises and offering more generous leave time for both moms and dads. However, pregnancy is still considered by some to be a liability to a woman's career. Sometimes employers ignore notes from doctors recommending certain additional accommodations, such as being allowed to keep a bottle of water on-hand. One pregnant woman was forced to decide between following her doctor's recommendation to keep a bottle of water with her and lose her job, or to ignore the recommendation in order to keep her job. She chose the health and safety of herself and her unborn child. She also chose to sue her employer. The case was later settled out of court.

Casino employee files lawsuit over alleged FMLA breach

All employees deserve to be treated equally and respectfully by their employers and colleagues. Unfortunately, this does not always happen, and many employees are made to feel uncomfortable or even subjected to unwanted advances at work. Sexual harassment in the workplace is a serious matter and one that should not be ignored. Employees in Indiana should be aware of what is considered inappropriate conduct and be prepared to challenge it if it should occur.

Wrongfully dismissed city clerk accepts $14,000 settlement

Every long-term employee in Indiana deserves to be rewarded for his or her hard work. Investigations should follow terminations that may have been carried out without valid reason, as an employer’s decision to discharge an employee may be deemed unfair. As an employee, you may even file a wrongful discharge lawsuit against your employer to fight for your rights as a worker in Indiana.

Casino employee files lawsuit over alleged FMLA breach

When you are forced to take time off work as a result of personal illness or to look after an ailing relative, job security may be the last thing on your mind. Fortunately, the Family and Medical Leave Act is in place to protect workers in these situations, and employers in Indiana are bound by it. However, many employees still face wrongful termination as a result of taking leave under FMLA rules.

Several Indiana employers facing discrimination accusations

Fair treatment from an employer is both an expectation and a right for any worker. However, many workers experience age, race, sex or gender discrimination or are unfairly treated because of disabilities. In Indiana, several employers are currently facing charges due to employment or workplace discrimination.

Magician gets sued for unpaid wage claim

The Fair Labor Standards Act states that each worker in Indiana has the right to receive due compensation for time spent working. That compensation includes the extra money that you are entitled to for working overtime. Omitting overtime pay can be grounds for filing a lawsuit against your employer.

New directive to limit employer retaliation over pay discussion

Indiana's employment-at-will status means that employees can be dismissed legally for almost any reason. This can make challenging employers over unfair working conditions a daunting prospect. Even for employees who hold a contract, the fear of being laid off over a dispute can make them hesitant to act. A new directive has recently been signed by President Obama in a bid to limit employer retaliation on the part of federal contractors.

UPS employment dispute escalates to cost 250 workers their jobs

Disagreements within the workplace can be difficult for all concerned, and this is no different for workers in Indiana. With cooperation between employers and their employees, these employment disputes can sometimes be resolved internally. However, often they can lead to the dismissal of employees or even further legal issues. A dispute between UPS and one of its employees has recently ballooned following the involvement of the employee’s colleagues.

Indiana employer works against disability discrimination

Many disabled workers face discrimination simply when attempting to find suitable employment. What some employers ignorant to the law may not realize is that, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers have no right to discriminate against disabled individuals. Beyond that, they are absolutely required to provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. Fortunately, on the other side of things, there are employers who do not hesitate to add disabled but hardworking employees to their workforce.

Employee rights' victory after wrongful termination over FMLA use

The Department of Labor's Family and Medical Leave Act was designed to safeguard a job at times when an employee needs to take unpaid leave to care for his or her own health or that of a family member, or to look after a new baby. The annual limit that most employers are obliged to respect is 12 weeks.

Wrongful termination suit against Indiana school dismissed

Job security is valuable, and most workers often assume they have it as long as they are fulfilling their duties. However, employers have the task of overseeing all members of their business, and occasionally a decision to dismiss an employee may be misguided or unfair. A school in Indiana recently faced a lawsuit from a former faculty member who claimed to have been wrongfully dismissed. It isn’t clear why his lawsuit was eventually dismissed, as his argument appeared to stand on a solid foundation.

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