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May 2014 Archives

Indiana whistleblower allegedly fired for refusing to break laws

What would you do if you were faced with this dilemma: you enjoy your job and need it to support yourself or your family, but you know that your employer is willfully breaking the law? Would you have the courage to stand up to your superiors if you knew they were doing something legally or even morally wrong, even if it means you could face retaliation? Yes, the state and federal government does provide whistleblower protection to individuals who speak out against their employer, but it's not always that black and white.

Employer forced to pay $1.7 million in age discrimination suit

Ideally, your job security should rely on your performance as an employee. If you're hardworking, diligent and capable, with a good attitude toward your employers and colleagues, surely that should be enough. Unfortunately, it is not always so and many workers in Indiana suffer persecution at the hands of the people they work with.

Policy change costs workers sick time donations

Company policy at its best should aim to protect the interests of the business while still preserving the rights and requirements of the company's employees. A business cannot be successful without its workers, so it makes sense to take their needs into consideration. Unfortunately for many workers in Indiana, policies are often updated without due consideration of their repercussions, leading to employment disputes and bad feeling in the workplace.

Employees too afraid to challenge employers over unpaid wages

All employees have certain fundamental rights which should be honored by their employers. Workers are entitled to adequate wages, fair treatment and a safe and comfortable work environment. Unfortunately, many workers in Indiana suffer poor working conditions, overly long hours and unjustifiably low pay. When workers are paid less than owed it can be hugely detrimental to their well-being, but many fear to challenge employers in case they lose their jobs altogether.

FMLA: can you sue an employer for not rehiring you?

Life can be quite unpredictable. A spouse can be fine one day and be hit with a tragic illness the next. New additions to the family are not always expected. You can never know what’s around the next corner, but you’ve got to step up and meet the challenges life throws at you. Sometimes that might mean taking time off work under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Former Representative fined $3,000 in sexual harassment case

Everyone has the right to feel safe and comfortable in their place of work. However, many workers in Indiana are faced with harassment and discrimination on a daily basis. A hostile work environment not only makes it difficult for an individual to do her job, it can affect her emotionally and lead to long-term damage to confidence and self-esteem.

Auto parts giant sued over wrongful termination

When faced with medical challenges, it can be difficult to continue working or in the same way as has been previously done. The law provides protection for those individuals who have medical challenges. The law requires employers to make accommodations for employees with medical challenges. But what if an employer fails to obey the law and then engages in employer retaliation when complaints are made?

Diabetic employee challenges company claiming discrimination

Although for some people their disabilities prevent them from getting a job, many disabled Americans are still able to work. Unfortunately, many disabled employees in Indiana still face discrimination at the hands of their employers or colleagues. This sort of conduct is unacceptable, so it is vital that those responsible are made accountable for their actions. In a recent lawsuit, a diabetic employee is fighting back after being unfairly treated at work.

Code Enforcement Officer allegedly fired for defying mayor

As long as you’re doing your job well and not guilty of improper conduct, you might assume that your job is safe. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Frequently, in Indiana and indeed across the United States workers are dismissed from their jobs on unjust grounds. Sometimes it’s a matter of retaliatory discharge, discrimination or the result of a dispute with an employer. When this happens, it is vital for employees to stand up for their rights and fight back.

Claims of ongoing retaliation in whistleblower case

Edward Snowden's revelations brought national attention to whistleblowers much the way the movie Silkwood had previously. In both cases, whistleblower protection and laws that protect those who speak up also were debated nationally. In Indiana and nationally, there are other, less well-known whistleblower cases taking place. These people also face the same possible retaliation and job loss the resurgence of the topic has brought to light.

Female employee challenges Anheuser-Busch over discrimination

All employees in Indiana or any state deserves to be judged on their own merit. If you are good at your job, dedicated and hard-working, it should stand you in good stead with your employer. Equally, if you fail to adhere to the requirements of your position, you can expect repercussions. However, no one should be judged on matters unrelated to their job, such as age, race or sex discrimination. Employees in Indiana should be prepared to challenge instances of discrimination if they become aware of them.

Executive found to not violate non-compete clause in job switch

Employment contracts can be hugely beneficial, but they still come with problems from time to time. On the one hand, they set out the terms of employment, so the employee can see what is expected of them. On the other hand, vague clauses and especially clauses that affect individuals when they move to another job, can be difficult to navigate. Workers in Indiana should try to ensure they understand their employment contracts fully to avoid potential legal repercussions.

Women's wrongful termination suit dismissed by judge

While it didn’t take place in Indiana, people reading the news here may have been surprised to read of the judge in Manhattan who has tossed out a discrimination case filed by female Merrill Lynch trainees. The judge disagrees with the trainees claiming a particular bit of training material they were given had nothing to do with their termination. The women claimed that as part of their training they were instructed to read a book that advised women who wished to succeed to 'stroke the egos' of the men in the workplace and to act as their den mother or little sister rather than as an equal or even as a colleague.

Firm pays out almost $64,000 in wage dispute

As many Indiana employees will know, companies don't always manage to keep on top of their obligations. Even for small businesses, there are a lot of things to take into consideration and mistakes can be costly. However, it is the responsibility of the employers to ensure that their employees are properly supported. This has recently become painfully apparent for one firm which has fallen foul of an unpaid-wage claim under the Immigration and Nationality act.

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