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June 2015 Archives

Age discrimination claim settled by county

Being treated differently from co-workers in Indiana simply because one is older or younger than the rest can dramatically affect a person both emotionally and career-wise. One person in an out-of-state case filed a lawsuit alleging that she was the victim of age discrimination in the workplace. The case was recently settled.

Your employer and retaliatory discharge

Many people depend on their job as a secure source of income. The money they make is often used to care for themselves and their family. With so much depending on this job, people do what they can to perform well and be considered a good employee. Unfortunately, even though an employee may perform well and follow the rules, this hasn't stopped employers from wrongfully terminating them.

Sexual harassment suit filed by fashion consultant

When somebody faces unwanted sexual advances in the workplace or is the target of obscene remarks in Indiana, this is grounds for a sexual harassment lawsuit. One fashion consultant in a different state recently filed a lawsuit against a designer, claiming that she was sexually harassed. She is seeking $12 million as part of the sexual harassment lawsuit.

Latina woman claims race discrimination by employer

It is unlawful for employers in Indiana and other states to discriminate against their workers on the basis of protected classes, such as gender and race. In one recent case in another state, a woman claimed that the city for which she worked had specifically engaged in race discrimination toward her. She has filed a lawsuit against her employer.

Wrongful termination suit filed by dealership worker

Being wrongfully terminated in Indiana can negatively impact a person's future job prospects and even his or her self-confidence. One person in another state recently faced this scenario after reportedly being wrongfully fired from his job at a car dealership. He has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the company.

How a family and medical leave act attorney can help you

There may come a time in your career that you need to take time off from work due to a personal medical condition, temporary disability or pregnancy. When this happens, if you meet the eligibility requirements, you can take the time needed from work and return to your job as if nothing has changed.

Gender discrimination suit filed against county

When people are mistreated in the workplace based on their gender, this can decrease their quality of life and hurt their future career opportunities in Indiana. One woman in a recent out-of-state case filed a lawsuit against a county government, claiming that she was the subject of gender discrimination. She said the discrimination led to her firing.

Former medical resident claims sexual harassment at hospital

A woman in Indiana recently claimed that she was a victim of sexual harassment at a hospital at which she had been completing her medical residency. She filed a lawsuit, seeking damages in the millions of dollars for not only sexual harassment but also a lost career as well as intimidation. The hospital and one of its former physicians, along with his wife, has reached a settlement in the case.

When is an employee considered a whistleblower?

Everyone wants to believe that their employer is honest and would never break the law, but the truth is there are companies out there that don't always follow the rules. Sometimes, when committing these illegal acts, employers even try to recruit their employees to engage in these activities with them. For those who decide not to participate, they may make one of two decisions about how to proceed after declining to assist their employer: stay quiet about the wrongdoing or go to an outside agency and report their employer.

Nonprofit pays big for anti-pregnancy workplace policy

Employment discrimination is something that no person should tolerate nor do they have to. It is illegal for an employer to discriminate against an employee because of their race, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability or pregnancy. Even though employers are aware of this behavior being illegal, employment discrimination still occurs. The good thing is there are consequences for this behavior, and if an employer is found guilty of discrimination, they may have to compensate the employee they discriminated against.

Common ways an employer may retaliate against an employee

When employees have an employer who is retaliating against them, they may find themselves entering a hostile work environment everyday they show up for work. Although many have found themselves dealing with a case of employer retaliation, it is not something they have to put up with, as they are able to file a claim against their employer if they believe they are being retaliated against for some reason. Even though filing a claim against an employer is an option, the first step in the process is knowing what acts count as retaliatory behavior.

Ex-shelter workers says concerns led to her wrongful termination

People who have a love for animals will sometimes gravitate toward working in shelters to care for their four-legged friends. However, when there are disagreements over how an establishment should be run, problems can arise that workers in Indiana and elsewhere may not expect. A power struggle over an animal shelter allegedly caused a 19-year veteran clerical worker to lose her job. The woman claims the reason for her wrongful termination was because she helped the New Jersey SPCA file criminal charges against the former director. The ex-director was arrested for animal cruelty, and a superior court ordered that the shelter was to be controlled by a state group for six months.

AT&T accused of violating Fair Labor Standards Act by workers

Telecommunications leader AT&T is being accused of wage-and-hour violations by some of its employees. People in Indiana and across the country may be dismayed to hear how the company is allegedly treating its workers. Employees for the company in another state have filed a class-action lawsuit against the giant, alleging that they were not given overtime pay. The affected employees also believe that they were improperly classified, making them ineligible to receive overtime, and the company did not abide by the Fair Labor Standards Act.

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