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August 2015 Archives

Non-compete, severance agreements require detailed attention

It is not uncommon for a high-level employee or manager at a company in Indiana to have an employer contract. Non-compete agreements and severance agreements are also fairly common. An attorney can help you to protect your interests when you are dealing with these types of legal documents.

Woman sues former employer for violating FMLA

There may come a point in a person's life when they need to take time away from work due to a medical condition or a family member falling ill. Thanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act, it is possible for people to take this time away from work, and once they have healed, return to their duties without consequence. The process should be that simple, but sometimes employees experience discrimination or employer retaliation as a result of them taking this much needed time away.

Target settles suit involving alleged race, gender discrimination

Receiving unfair treatment in Indiana on the basis of protected factors, such as race or gender, not only is offensive to the victim, but it is also illegal. This is the situation that job candidates in a nearby state said they faced in a recent legal case. They argued they were victims of race discrimination and gender discrimination while applying for jobs with Target Corporation. Target recently agreed to pay millions of dollars to these job candidates.

Several former Days Inn employees file race discrimination suit

Being mistreated in the workplace can be emotionally damaging, but suffering this mistreatment specifically because of one's race -- something that is beyond one's control -- can be even more humiliating for an individual in Indiana. Several former motel employees in another state said they were the victim of race discrimination in their workplace. They have thus filed a discrimination suit against their former employer.

When can a person file an employment discrimination claim?

In the United States, many people have had experience with employment discrimination. Not every incident has been reported and there are people out there who are continuing to deal with their employer discriminating against them. For the many who have decided to take a stand against their employer and file a claim against them for discrimination, they may have realized that the process is not as easy as they would have hoped.

Workers paid less than owed may file claim against employer

People in Indiana naturally work hard for their hourly wages or salaries. In fact, many individuals end up working over 40 hours a week just so that they can create better lives for their families and for themselves. Unfortunately, in some cases, they end up not being compensated for all of the hours they have worked and thus get paid less than owed.

Registered nurse files sexual harassment suit

Sexual harassment can harm a person's self-esteem and even his or her career prospects in Indiana. One individual in another state said she was the victim of sexual harassment at the hospital for which she used to work. To pursue damages, she has filed a lawsuit against the hospital.

Report your employer for violating the law

Not every employer is as honest and trustworthy as everyone would hope they would be. All around the world, there are employers who choose to engage in illegal activity. Not only do they engage in illegal activity, but they may also try to recruit employees to join them. While some may go along with it in fear of losing their jobs, others realize how important it is to be honest people and ultimately choose not to engage in these illegal acts with their employers.

Man claims age discrimination at airport

Being mistreated simply because one is younger or older than other workers is an unlawful practice in Indiana and other states. One man in another state recently said he was the target of age discrimination at the airport for which he worked. He has thus filed a suit against the county.

Woman files workplace disability discrimination against employer

Suffering a disability can be both physically and emotionally trying, but being terminated because of one's disability only makes matters worse. One nursing supervisor in a state outside of Indiana recently filed a lawsuit against her employer, alleging workplace disability discrimination. She claims she was retaliated against and ultimately fired after suffering a disability in a work-related accident.

Detective files wrongful termination claim

It would be nice if employees knew that their jobs were secure, but that is a rarity for most. With some states allowing employers to dismiss employees at any time for any or no reason at all, people may fear that they will be dismissed from their duties at any moment. This is something that people experience often, but just because they are terminated from a position, doesn't mean their employer was right to do so.

Woman files suit alleging race, gender discrimination

People who are discriminated against on the basis of protected factors in Indiana, such as gender and race, have the legal right to fight for justice, as this type of behavior violates federal law. One city employee in an out-of-state case filed a race and gender discrimination lawsuit after she said the government of the city for which she worked constructively discharged her because she was a black woman. She has recently agreed to have the case heard in that city.

Dealership settles sexual harassment lawsuit

Being sexually harassed in the workplace can be degrading and demeaning to an individual; this is why it is considered a form of sex discrimination against which workers in Indiana and other states are protected. One car dealership in another state was recently accused of sexual harassment. It has decided to settle the suit for $30,000.

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