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September 2015 Archives

Wrongful termination claim filed by planning official

Sometimes, employees Indiana are fired for doing something they feel is ethically right. One individual in another state recently said he faced this scenario after finding evidence that his department was under-invoicing. The man, a planning official, has thus filed a wrongful termination suit against his employer.

What are valid reasons for an employee to request leave?

No matter what employer people choose to work for, they have rights. Not only do employers need to respect their employees and not discriminate against them in any way, in some cases they also need to grant them FMLA leave when they request it. This is something that employers should take seriously, as an employee can file a claim if they are not granted leave, but also because their reason for requesting the leave might actually be valid.

Workplace disability discrimination suit settled for $160,000

Being fired by an Indiana employer due to a disability can have a negative impact on a person's reputation, finances and career prospects in Indiana. One man in an out-of-state case said he experienced this at his company, causing him to file a workplace disability discrimination suit. The suit was recently settled for $160,000.

Man accuses medical facility of age discrimination

Laws prohibit employers in Indiana from discriminating against a person on the basis of age. However, age discrimination still exists in various industries, including in the medical field. One man recently sued a medical center, claiming that the company treated him inappropriately due to his age and then retaliated against him.

Freedom Indiana seeks to prevent discrimination with new campaign

Employment discrimination is a big issue because it happens so often in the United States. Not only is it unfair for any employer to intentionally discriminate against an employee, but it is also unfair that they can do so without consequence. While many states do have laws to protect people from discrimination, there have still been instances where people are discriminated against and there is very little done to address the problem.

Race discrimination suit filed against police department

Being treated poorly in Indiana due to one's race can cause humiliation and even have a negative impact on one's career. One man in another state recently claimed he was the victim of race discrimination. The man said he was then fired after he reported racial comments and nitpicking from a couple of field training officers.

How wrongful termination exceptions affect at-will employment

Many people would like to think that their job is secure and that they are guaranteed a position at their place of employment for as long as they like, but in some states this is not the case. Like many people employed around the U.S., those working in the state of Indiana may be surprised to know that this state has what is known as at-will employment, which means their employer can relieve them of their duties at any moment in time for absolutely no reason. This may scare those who have families to feed and bills to pay, but there are actually some circumstances where it is illegal for an employer to fire their employees.

University job applicant claims gender discrimination

People in Indiana who are passed over for a job simply because they are male or female have the right to take legal action against the employer who committed this illegal act. In one case in a nearby state, one man said he was the victim of gender discrimination during a university's hiring process. He alleged that the university's administrators in the athletic department ordered for a woman to be hired over any male candidates for a track assistant coach position regardless of the woman's qualifications.

Employee files wrongful discharge claim against employer

As a general rule, an Indiana resident is under at-will employment. This typically means that employees can quit whenever they want and employers can let employees go whenever they want. However, there are some circumstances when employers cannot simply terminate an employee without possibly facing legal consequences. A man in another state is pursuing a wrongful discharge claim against his employer.

Sexual harassment lawsuit will cost police department $500K

Sexual harassment in the workplace in Indiana occurs when a work environment becomes hostile due to pervasive and persistent sexual conduct or attention. One woman in another state said she was a victim of sexual harassment at her workplace: a police department. She thus filed a lawsuit, which will end up costing the department over $500,000 in damages.

Protect yourself from further employer retaliation

Millions of people go to their place of work every day and are treated with respect and fairness by their employers, which is how they should be treated. No matter what an employee does to upset their employer, there should always be a level of respect that is maintained. Unfortunately, there are some employers who feel as though it is acceptable for them to retaliate against an employee for doing what they felt is right. If this happens, employees should not hesitate to file an employer retaliation claim against the person who has treated them unfairly.

Man files age discrimination suit against news station

When people in Indiana are unfairly fired on the basis of race, they have the right to seek justice through the legal system. One man in another state said he was terminated because of his age. He thus filed an age discrimination lawsuit against the company.

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