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January 2016 Archives

What type of protection is offered for whistleblowers?

There are many people who wake up each morning and look forward to going to work. It is ideal for people to love their jobs and enjoy performing the duties that are asked of them, but not everyone is this lucky. In fact, there are people who may have found themselves uncomfortable at work because they have been labeled as a whistleblower, and as a result, have had to deal with a hostile work environment.

What damages can I be awarded from my wrongful termination case?

When employees show up for work on time and perform their job duties, it is expected that they will keep their job and continue to advance in the company. Unfortunately, with employers being able to fire their employees at any time, for any reason, a person may not feel as though they have the job security they want and need. Ideally, when a person is let go, they have done something wrong and deserve to be fired, but there have been many employers who have chosen to let their employees go for reasons that many would feel are unfair or harsh. This is when employees make the decision to file a wrongful termination claim and seek to be awarded damages for their troubles.

Notification requirements for employees who wish to take leave

There are a number of things that can cause a person to take time away from their job. People fall ill, have family emergencies or may just need to take some personal time away. Whatever the reason may be for someone to take time off from their job, it is likely that there are steps they must follow if they want to keep their job and return to work once their leave is over. For those looking to take FMLA leave, there is a process and rules that must be adhered to if you want to take leave.

How can I prove my employer has retaliated against me?

A job that is truly enjoyable is not something that everyone is lucky enough find. It will take time to land your dream job, so when you do, you will likely feel extremely grateful. Unfortunately, depending on the employer and the type of activities they like to engage in, this enjoyable experience can quickly and easily be ruined. The knowledge of an employer's illegal activities leaves the employee with the decision to report their employer or not.  Their decision could leave them having to deal with their employer retaliation.

Wrongful termination can occur without being fired

Wrongful termination is a claim you may assert against your boss because they fired you unlawfully. However, what do you do if your boss is sneaky and, rather than outright fire you, creates a work environment so difficult that it forces you to quit? Are you prohibited from asserting a claim? The short answer is, probably not.

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