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February 2016 Archives

Employer retaliation cases could soon be easier to win

It is not every day that a person has to deal with being retaliated against by their employer, but should it happen, one thing they should remember is that they have options as to how to handle it. Depending on what their employer has done, some people may choose to ignore this retaliatory behavior and wait for it to end. However, there are some people who choose to file a claim against their employer and seek some sort of compensation for this unfair treatment.

Can I file a claim if I had an employment contract?

People are fired from their jobs every day in the United States. When this happens, many just accept this and move on, never stopping to question if it was fair. It is true that some deserve to be terminated from their positions because they simply didn't do the work that was asked of them or were habitually late for their shifts, but there are others who should have never been considered for termination but have been let go by their employer.

How can direct and circumstantial evidence help me win my case?

Employer retaliation is something no employee should take lightly, especially since it can affect how he or she is treated in the workplace and the future of their position. There are many reasons that an employer may want to retaliate against an employee, but no matter what the reason may be, it is illegal. If an employee does find that they have been retaliated against by their employer and they file a claim, there is a good chance that the direct or circumstantial evidence they have against their employer can help them win the case.

Behaviors that can be seen as gender discrimination

Not everyone employed in the United States has the luxury of working in an environment in which they feel comfortable. Depending on the type of people they work around, they may feel as though their work environment is hostile. This could be for any reason, but there have been many men and women who have realized that they are so uncomfortable at work because they have to constantly deal with employment discrimination, specifically gender discrimination.

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