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March 2016 Archives

Actions employees can take after being wrongfully terminated

In many states, when it comes to employers terminating or letting go of their employees, they are allowed to fire their employees at any moment for no reason at all. While employers are able to terminate their employees for any reason, there are some reasons that are viewed as illegal. In this situation, the employee that has been terminated has several options as to how they can handle their termination.

Is all negative treatment considered retaliation?

It is frowned upon when an employer violates the law. Employees can look the other way, but they can and are encouraged to report such things because they are wrong, and their employer needs to face the consequences of their actions. Of course, employees doing such a thing isn't something that the employer will appreciate should they uncover that it was one of their employees that reported them.

LGBTQ employees discriminated against by two different companies

For many people, one of the best things about getting up and going to work every day is that they genuinely enjoy what they are doing. When first applying for a job, people may assume that they will be working in a place where their superiors and equals respect them, but this is not always how it goes for employees. Unfortunately, people who have been discriminated against by their employer don't get to experience the joy of going to work because of the hostile environment they have been forced to work in.

What employees can expect if they report their employers

People have to choose between doing the right thing and the wrong thing almost on a daily basis. While some people may choose to do the wrong thing, there are many who recognize that doing the right thing can benefit not only them but also the people around them. This applies to those who choose to report their employer's illegal activities, even though they may not feel as though their decision has benefited them because of what they could potentially experience should their employer find out what they have done and decide to retaliate.

Is medical certification required before I take leave?

Requesting family and medical leave from work should be a simple process. Employees shouldn't have to be concerned about being denied or not being able to return to their jobs. Unfortunately, they sometimes are, thanks to the hassle they experienced when putting in their request. In some situations, you may not be required to verify the reason you are taking leave, but it is possible that you will be asked. Should this happen, you employer will inform you what documentation you will need as proof.

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