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June 2016 Archives

Employment discrimination is illegal and un-American

At present, the United States is experiencing some social turbulence. It seems there are voices expressing rather inflammatory ideas regarding the rights of others. Sadly, some of our fellow citizens have come under written, verbal and even physical attack for reasons that are supposedly justified by their so-called "otherness."

Authoritarians may be more likely to engage in retaliation

If you should ever have to file some form of grievance against someone with whom you work, you are protected by law against employer retaliation. A good employer knows that no benefit will come from acting in a retaliatory manner against an employee who felt it was his or her duty or was otherwise compelled to issue a complaint. Unfortunately, not all employers are able to keep their emotions in check and as a result, they act on impulses rather than reason.

Federal Act protects whistleblowers who report financial fraud

Most jobs place a level of pressure on employees to perform. However, doing your daily duties can become even more stressful if you discover that a colleague, supervisor or even your employer is running afoul of the law.

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