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Class-Action Lawsuits in Indianapolis, Indiana

Standing Together for Change

You likely share your work environment with many coworkers. When an issue is pervasive, it can be more effective to stand together to defend your rights instead of pursuing a suit on your own. If your employer’s actions, behaviors or decisions negatively impact you and your co-workers, the best path forward may be to file a class-action lawsuit.

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What Is a Class-Action Lawsuit?

When multiple people have a similar claim against the same employer, class-action lawsuits allow you to join together and file a single lawsuit. Class-action lawsuits are much more effective than an individual suit because a case is stronger when many people support the same claim. In this type of court action, one or more people can represent the entire harmed group and settle on their behalf.

When to File a Suit With a Group

A class-action lawsuit can be filed whenever a company’s actions negatively affect a group of people. Common examples of this include defective products, exposure to tobacco products, misleading marketing or investment information, employment matters, dishonest business practices and more. Also, employees can join together to bring a suit for discriminatory or other illegal practices.

Requirements of Your Class-Action Lawsuit

To file a class-action lawsuit, you must meet certain criteria. You must have enough people join together that this process will be more efficient than filing individual claims. Also, the claims of each group member must be similar. Third, the people representing the group must have the same claims as the group. Finally, the designated representatives must demonstrate that they can act on behalf of the group’s collective interest.

Are You and Your Coworkers Ready?

When you believe the above criteria are met, you deserve the best legal advice and assistance. That’s why you should call the Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC. Our team of legal experts will work with your group to determine the facts and take the best steps to achieve success in your claim. You can trust that we will defend your rights vigorously. Contact us today to defend your work environment.