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Public Employment Law in Indianapolis, Indiana

Are You a Public Employee?

Our team of legal experts represents people who work for public institutions. This may include city, county, state, federal or other organizations. If you are a public employee, you have constitutional rights to free speech, due process and other relevant employment laws. When you encounter a dispute with your employer, we are ready to make the legal system work for you

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Your Due Process Protections

As a public employee, you have the right to due process when you have a property interest in your job. You have a property interest when your contract states that you do, you can reasonably expect established procedures to apply to you or a statute gives you such an interest. Tenured teachers are an example of a public worker with a property interest.

Denied Tenure or Terminated Despite Tenure?

We specialize in representing teachers, professors, and educators who work for public institutions. If you have been denied tenure or if you are improperly discharged despite having tenure protection, we will help you defend your rights. You have a right to due process, including knowledge of cause and charges, proper notice and provision of a meaningful hearing. If procedures have not been followed, let us fight for you.

Defending Your Employee Rights

As a public employee, you also enjoy all of the rights and protections of workers in the private sector. These include harassment, discrimination, retaliation and other issues. At the Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, we will help you defend your rights. If you have any questions, contact our office today for a free, initial consultation.