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December 2019 Archives

Settlement reached in sex discrimination case against Uber

Sex discrimination continues to be an issue in Indiana workplaces and in workplaces across the nation. For employees and prospective employees who believe they were confronted with legal violations or complained to management and nothing was done to stop the behavior, it can be useful to consider their case in the context of prominent lawsuits and settlements. One that was recently settled involved the rideshare company Uber.

Gaming company settles sex discrimination case

Many gamers in Indiana enjoy playing the famous titles produced by Riot Games, but the "League of Legends" manufacturer has been hit by allegations of workplace discrimination. In a settlement with previous and current women employees at the company, the gaming firm will pay at least $10 million to settle claims of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The compensation will be directed to around 1,000 women employed by the company between 2014 and 2019. The amount each woman receives will be based on the length of time that they spent at Riot. The two women who brought the class-action suit forward will receive $10,000 each.

3 Forms of subtle workplace harassment

Harassment describes offensive or emotionally distressing behavior that an employer might exhibit or direct towards you. Harassment can happen to anyone, but it isn’t always obvious. While some forms of harassment involve blatant comments, gestures or inappropriate conduct, other times, your boss might display harassment in more subtle ways.

Why saying 'OK boomer' at work could be age discrimination

Indiana residents may have heard that some Generation Zers and millennials are using the term "OK boomer" to dismiss certain retrograde opinions of baby boomers. The baby boomer generation includes Americans between the ages of 55 and 73. The term got its start online, but it's now migrating to real life. It was even used by a lawmaker in New Zealand to put down an older legislator when discussing climate change.

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