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Whistleblower Protection Archives

Federal Act protects whistleblowers who report financial fraud

Most jobs place a level of pressure on employees to perform. However, doing your daily duties can become even more stressful if you discover that a colleague, supervisor or even your employer is running afoul of the law.

You don't have to be afraid to speak up

No matter where a person decides to work, there is a chance that they will witness their employer doing something they should not be doing. Ideally, employers should not violate the law and put their employees in a difficult spot, but it happens from time to time and people have to make the decision to report their employer or ignore any wrongdoing. Moving forward with reporting their employer is the right thing to do, but they will then be known as a whistleblower, and they may find themselves experiencing changes in the workplace, starting with a hostile work environment and likely escalating from there.

What employees can expect if they report their employers

People have to choose between doing the right thing and the wrong thing almost on a daily basis. While some people may choose to do the wrong thing, there are many who recognize that doing the right thing can benefit not only them but also the people around them. This applies to those who choose to report their employer's illegal activities, even though they may not feel as though their decision has benefited them because of what they could potentially experience should their employer find out what they have done and decide to retaliate.

What type of protection is offered for whistleblowers?

There are many people who wake up each morning and look forward to going to work. It is ideal for people to love their jobs and enjoy performing the duties that are asked of them, but not everyone is this lucky. In fact, there are people who may have found themselves uncomfortable at work because they have been labeled as a whistleblower, and as a result, have had to deal with a hostile work environment.

Report your employer's involvement in illegal activities

The one thing people need to do in order to make a living and provide for themselves and their family is work. There are different types of companies and businesses that exist today and the millions of people that live in the United States have multiple options as to where they want to be employed. Each of these businesses is capable of committing illegal acts, and sometimes they do.

Common violations employers commit in the workplace

Not every employer is as honest and trustworthy as they may seem. There have been many who lead employees to believe that they follow the law and have never attempted to violate it, but did so any chance they got. Exposing these types of employers or keeping quiet may be a dilemma some employees will or have faced during their time of employment, and how they choose to move forward could mean they are labeled as a whistleblower by their employer, coworkers and authorities.

Report your employer if you are terminated illegally

Employers are always expected to adhere to the law and follow the rules. When they fail to follow the law, employees have the right to report their employers for this misconduct and not face any consequences for doing so. Even though employees are doing the right thing by informing authorities of what their employer may have been up to, they may face a lot of difficulties at work should their employer find out who it was that reported them.

Report your employer for violating the law

Not every employer is as honest and trustworthy as everyone would hope they would be. All around the world, there are employers who choose to engage in illegal activity. Not only do they engage in illegal activity, but they may also try to recruit employees to join them. While some may go along with it in fear of losing their jobs, others realize how important it is to be honest people and ultimately choose not to engage in these illegal acts with their employers.

Whistleblower wins $1.25 million

Over the years, there have been many employees who have found themselves being terminated by their employer or retaliated against in some way for doing what they felt was the right thing. In some cases, the right thing was reporting their employer for committing illegal acts or simply bringing to their attention any hazards in the workplace.

When is an employee considered a whistleblower?

Everyone wants to believe that their employer is honest and would never break the law, but the truth is there are companies out there that don't always follow the rules. Sometimes, when committing these illegal acts, employers even try to recruit their employees to engage in these activities with them. For those who decide not to participate, they may make one of two decisions about how to proceed after declining to assist their employer: stay quiet about the wrongdoing or go to an outside agency and report their employer.

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