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Posts tagged "Employment Discrimination"

Decorated vet driven off her TSA job for blowing the whistle

"TSA has a saying: If you see something, say something," according to Alyssa, a 33-year-old Bronze Star-awarded soldier who used to work at the agency's headquarters. "Little did I know that when I said something, I would be fighting the agency."

Employment discrimination is illegal and un-American

At present, the United States is experiencing some social turbulence. It seems there are voices expressing rather inflammatory ideas regarding the rights of others. Sadly, some of our fellow citizens have come under written, verbal and even physical attack for reasons that are supposedly justified by their so-called "otherness."

Acts that are considered age discrimination

We would all like our work environment to be pleasant and welcoming, but unfortunately, this is not the case for those who are being discriminated against on a daily basis. There are a variety of ways that an employer may discriminate against one of their employees. Many people who have been discriminated against in the workplace, have experienced a hostile environment or unfair treatment due to their race and sex, but there have also been people who have been discriminated against because of their age.

Steps to take when you have been discriminated against at work

When people go into work, they expect to be treated with respect by both their coworkers and superiors. Although this is the expectation, there are many people who have run into issues at work. Not only have some had to deal with disrespectful coworkers, there are many people who have encountered employers who felt that it was acceptable to discriminate against them.

LGBTQ employees discriminated against by two different companies

For many people, one of the best things about getting up and going to work every day is that they genuinely enjoy what they are doing. When first applying for a job, people may assume that they will be working in a place where their superiors and equals respect them, but this is not always how it goes for employees. Unfortunately, people who have been discriminated against by their employer don't get to experience the joy of going to work because of the hostile environment they have been forced to work in.

Behaviors that can be seen as gender discrimination

Not everyone employed in the United States has the luxury of working in an environment in which they feel comfortable. Depending on the type of people they work around, they may feel as though their work environment is hostile. This could be for any reason, but there have been many men and women who have realized that they are so uncomfortable at work because they have to constantly deal with employment discrimination, specifically gender discrimination.

Stand up for your rights with the help of an attorney

Experiencing discrimination in the workplace is one of the most difficult, confusing and embarrassing things a person can go through. While coming forward with a workplace discrimination claim may seem near impossible, fighting the long and exhausting battle may be even more so. That is why it is so important for victims of workplace discrimination to get the help they need to file a complaint, fight the battle and, if necessary, win the case.

What acts constitute sex discrimination in the workplace?

No matter where people work, their employer should always be respectful and treat them equally. Although this expectation of fair treatment is something that all employers should meet, many of them fail to do so. Over the years, many employees have experienced some form of employment discrimination while at work. It is true that people have been discriminated against due to their race and age, but they have also been treated unfairly because of their gender.

Freedom Indiana seeks to prevent discrimination with new campaign

Employment discrimination is a big issue because it happens so often in the United States. Not only is it unfair for any employer to intentionally discriminate against an employee, but it is also unfair that they can do so without consequence. While many states do have laws to protect people from discrimination, there have still been instances where people are discriminated against and there is very little done to address the problem.

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