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Posts tagged "Employment Law"

Supreme Court puts foot down on supervisor definition

It seems like the U.S. Supreme Court has had its hands full this year with everything from criminal law to immigration law.  But it's a recent decision for employment law that has a lot of people here in Indiana and across the nation frowning this month.  The court's sharply divided decision revolved around supervisors and how this managerial title played into discrimination and wrongful termination cases--a topic some of our readers may remember us writing about several months ago.

Can discrimination occur in a majority that has become the minority?

When most people in Indiana think about racial discrimination, we often times think about a minority racial group. Whether we think of an African American or another racial group, we are really boiling it down to a minority group who we feel are not receiving equal treatment in the workplace or other situation.

Can being a smoker at work cost you your job?

As many people in Indiana are already well aware, there are a lot of things that employers can't do when it comes to your employment. Strict state and federal laws protect a worker's most basic rights, as well as a few others some workers may not even be aware they have.

How likely are you to be rehired after the age of 50?

It's a question that has been weighing heavily on the minds of many older adults in Indiana for years now. Ever since the recession, the job market has become not only competitive but businesses are advancing on the idea that more experienced workers equal higher pay. But what happens to people who are 50 years or older and out of work? And can businesses really discriminate against them based on their age?

Federal judge to hear FBI agents' age discrimination cases

As most people may already know, Indiana and many other states have strict employment laws that make it unlawful for a business or company to treat any worker unfairly because of age; but what if your employer were the United States Government? How do you claim age discrimination when they are the ones creating the laws?

'Fluctuating' workweeks raising red flags with employees

According to the Indiana Department of Labor, employers are required to pay employees at 1 ½ times their regular rate of pay when employees work more than forty hours during a work week. This "overtime compensation" has exceptions of course, but many non-employees argue that some companies are using loopholes to purposely avoid paying overtime hours.

Walmart employees strike over questionable business practices

People in Indiana and across the United States may already be aware of the heated situation between Walmart and its employees. In what started as a strike involving warehouse workers for Walmart's distribution centers has exploded into a company-wide strike that now includes cashiers and other store employees.

CIA will no longer tolerate sexual harassment

Employment disputes can happen in any industry, even the most prestigious. Indiana employees experiencing unwelcome sexual advances or a hostile work environment due to their gender might be interested to learn alarming details regarding the U.S. government's most secretive agency. Sources say that there is a current initiative to crack down on sexual harassment.

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