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Posts tagged "disability discrimination"

Woman with MS files workplace disability discrimination suit

Federal laws protect workers from suffering discrimination based on disabilities in Indiana, as well as all other parts of the United States. One woman in a nearby state recently claimed that while working for the state's Department of Health & Human Services, she was discriminated against because she has a disability. She has filed a workplace disability discrimination suit against her employer.

Man files workplace disability discrimination suit against hotel

An employer cannot legally mistreat an employee in Indiana simply because he or she has a disability. One man in another state said he recently experienced this and ended up being fired by his company. He has thus filed a workplace disability discrimination and retaliatory discharge suit against the company.

Workplace disability discrimination suit settled for $160,000

Being fired by an Indiana employer due to a disability can have a negative impact on a person's reputation, finances and career prospects in Indiana. One man in an out-of-state case said he experienced this at his company, causing him to file a workplace disability discrimination suit. The suit was recently settled for $160,000.

Woman files workplace disability discrimination against employer

Suffering a disability can be both physically and emotionally trying, but being terminated because of one's disability only makes matters worse. One nursing supervisor in a state outside of Indiana recently filed a lawsuit against her employer, alleging workplace disability discrimination. She claims she was retaliated against and ultimately fired after suffering a disability in a work-related accident.

Woman claims workplace disability discrimination

Having a disability may naturally pose physical challenges in the workplace for an employee. However, when an employer in Indiana decides to discriminate against the disabled employee, this can make the situation that much harder for the worker. One woman in another state claimed that her employer engaged in workplace disability discrimination, and the suit was recently settled.

Workplace disability discrimination is grounds for legal claim

A disability can understandably be difficult to cope with both emotionally and physically. Unfortunately, some people with disabilities in Indiana face workplace discrimination, which is like adding salt to the wound. People who face workplace disability discrimination, fortunately, have the right to seek justice through the legal system.

Understanding how the ADA protects those with hearing impairments

Indiana employees with a hearing impairment may be interested in how this is covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act. If the disability qualifies, the person will be protected from employment discrimination based on their hearing impairment.

Disability discrimination and the EEOC process

After an Indiana worker's disability discrimination claim has been processed through the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency will either determine that the charge has been substantiated or they will send a notice to the person who complained notifying them of the EEOC's dismissal. People will have 90 days from the date of the notice to file a civil lawsuit. If they wait beyond this time frame, their ability to sue will be time-barred.

Disability discrimination issues

Indiana employers who are covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act can face repercussions for the adverse treatment of a disabled employee. The law provides protections for workers with temporary or permanent physical or mental disabilities from being treated negatively due to the impairment. Additionally, employers are prohibited from treating individuals negatively based on a belief of impairment regardless of whether such an issue is real or only suspected. Further, an individual may not be the object of discrimination because of a relationship to a disabled person. Reasonable accommodations must be made unless there is undue expense or difficulty for the employer in doing so.

Indiana workers with disabilities protected by law

Indiana workers with disabilities are protected from discrimination in the workforce by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Under the ADA, an employer with fifteen or more employees is required to provide reasonable accommodations to employees with disabilities. The act covers all phases of employment from the application process to termination, and it is designed to provide the same job opportunities to disabled employees that non-disabled employees enjoy.

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