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Revered surgeon alleges age discrimination in lawsuit

Being subjected to age discrimination is not only disappointing, it is also very scary. Once you reach a certain age, you begin to realize just how much you value your job and how difficult it could be to replace. No one ever wants to be forced out of a job for any reason, but losing your job at an advanced age could mean that you never regain the status and pay rate to which you have become accustomed.

How to know if you have been wrongfully terminated by an employer

There are some things in life that are black and white, while others are gray. Wrongful termination is one of those gray areas. What may seem like a valid reason to fire an employee may not be, so it is important to pay close attention to the reason why your employer decides to terminate you.

The RFRA may be changing how people look at discrimination laws

When you go to work or out in public, it should not be an unrealistic expectation that you are treated fairly by all you encounter. Still, every day employees and customers face discrimination due to their race, age, sex, sexual orientation or even a disability from which they suffer.

How Do I Know I May Have a Case?

When you are hired for a job, you expect, and should receive, certain things. Respect and fair treatment are only a couple of required behaviors. Unfortunately, there are instances where you may be shunned or disrespected in the workplace without merit or prompting. This is why employees have found it necessary to pursue an employment law case in situations where their employer is guilty of either direct discrimination or for allowing discrimination.

Indiana to allow religious discrimination

Experiencing any form of discrimination or prejudice is distressing and difficult to deal with. This can be even more the case if it happens in your place of work. If you do your job well and fulfill all the requirements of your role, why should personal details such as your age, sexual orientation or national origin be relevant? Sadly, many employees experience a hostile work environment as a result of other people's narrow-mindedness.

Indiana works to combat pay discrimination

Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and respectfully at work. Unfortunately, countless workers throughout the United States endure a hostile work environment every day. Some are persecuted for their age or their race, others for their sexual preference, disabilities or even their citizenship status. To make things worse, fear of being out of work makes many of these workers hesitant to stand up to those mistreating them.

What are considered illegal reasons for firing an employee?

It is not always easy to find employment and, when you have it, there is a good chance you will work hard to keep it. But what if your employer decides to dismiss you unjustly? Indiana is an employment-at-will state. For many employees, this means they can be dismissed legally for just about any reason and this can happen at any time. However, some reasons are exempt from this rule and are considered illegal.

Barclays Center accused of race and disability discrimination

Everyone is entitled to fair treatment in their place of work. If you are doing your job and adhering to the rules, then why should there be a problem? Unfortunately, some people deliberately create a hostile or uncomfortable work environment for their colleagues or employees and this problem is sadly present in Indiana. Often this is the result of discrimination against a person for their age, race, sexuality or any other characteristic that the discriminatory individual chooses to single them out for.

Former city employee files claim after alleged retaliation

Being dismissed from your job is often an upsetting experience. But what if you were dismissed on unfair terms? Perhaps you were reporting an unethical practice or perhaps you simply refused to perform illegal duties. All too often, employees in Indiana have their positions terminated for challenging an unfair employer. Retaliation of this nature should not be tolerated and those responsible must be challenged.

Indiana veterans struggle against employment discrimination

Discrimination within the workplace is unacceptable, whoever its target may be. However, some workers come up against unfair prejudices before they are even hired. Even if they are fully qualified and capable, their applications may be declined simply because of their age, race, sexual preference or any number of other characteristics. In Indiana, efforts are being made to reduce the hiring discrimination against veterans.

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