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Posts tagged "gender discrimination"

Former Purdue chancellor files discrimination suit

When most people hear the words "gender discrimination," they picture a woman as the victim. However, it is important to understand that men can be the victims of gender discrimination as well.

Dental assistant fired for attractiveness, state court says 'ok'

It's a headline that sounds too controversial to be true, but for stunned residents in Iowa, the truth really is stranger than fiction after the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of a boss who allegedly fired his 32-year-old dental assistant for being too attractive.

Indiana below average when it comes to equity in women's pay

Indiana women make 74 cents to every dollar that men make on average. Black women make 62 cents for every dollar that men make, and Latino women make 54 cents per every dollar. The circumstances really are not much better nationwide as women overall make 77 cents for every dollar across the country.

Domestic violence and wrongful termination

In Indiana, an employee who is a victim of spousal abuse can also be fired from their job if the employer is alerted to the employee's personal situation. Though this may seem like wrongful termination of employment, employers will use the excuse that they need to protect their other employees under such difficult circumstances.

Reproductive versus religious rights concerning employment

A matter involving various employment disputes is brewing in Indiana over the firing of a teacher from a Roman Catholic School. The teacher fired alleges that she was let go due to her use of in vitro fertilization to get pregnant. The lawsuit could involve conflicting concerns regarding reproductive rights and religious liberty.

Indiana wage gap between women and men is large

Indiana has the 5th greatest disparity between the average wages of men and average wages of women. While the national gap between men and women's wages is 77 cents for every dollar, in Indiana the gap is 72 cents for every dollar.

Gender discrimination and 'at-will' employment

Indiana recently became the 21st of what is known as a "Right to Work" state. Though such states have prevented non-union members from having to pay fees for representation in union shops, it has been found that there are other confusing or not well understood aspects that come along with this designation.

Gender discrimination is bad for business

In order to do business with cities like Indianapolis, local municipalities are considering implementing ordinances that would prohibit sexual orientation and gender identity discrimination among city contractors and such provisions would also address harassment. A study has shown that such ordinances do not in any way burden business or government and would also protect millions of workers from facing inhospitable conditions at work.

Gender discrimination at Indiana University

An Indiana University School of Medicine professor is suing the school for gender discrimination. The professor alleges that she was paid far less than male professors who had considerably less experience than she did.

Indiana resident is plaintiff in gender discrimination suit

An Indiana resident is one of two plaintiffs in a lawsuit brought against Quest Diagnostics and a subsidiary alleging gender discrimination against females. The Indiana resident had 15-years of sales experience and had received several performance based awards. Nevertheless, she was passed up for promotion as the position instead went to a male colleague with only 3-years of experience.

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