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American Apparel managers forbidden from sexual advances

Indiana residents may be interested to learn of American Apparel's recent unveiling of a new company ethical code directed toward the issue of workplace sexual harassment. Following a long battle with the company's founder as well as numerous sexual harassment lawsuits filed against him and the company, the company reacted by firing him and changing its policies.

What is a breach of contract?

Contracts are especially important in the corporate world. From business contracts that specify ownership of a company to employee contracts that lay out the terms of a person's employment, the necessity of having a variety of issues made legally binding by contract is undeniable. These agreements list obligations on the part of all parties involved, and when one of these parties fails to uphold their end of the agreement, they have effectively breached their contract and broken Indiana law.

Indiana appeals court finds non-compete agreement does not apply

On Aug. 28, an Indiana Court of Appeals judge found that an employee did not violate a non-compete agreement with his former employer. The employee signed the non-compete agreement on Jan. 24, 2008, when he joined the company. The agreement would reportedly prevent him from working in a similar position in a similar field for two years after separation from the company. His employer fired him in October 2009 and allegedly offered his job back to him 10 days later. He returned to his original position without signing a new non-compete agreement.

Executive found to not violate non-compete clause in job switch

Employment contracts can be hugely beneficial, but they still come with problems from time to time. On the one hand, they set out the terms of employment, so the employee can see what is expected of them. On the other hand, vague clauses and especially clauses that affect individuals when they move to another job, can be difficult to navigate. Workers in Indiana should try to ensure they understand their employment contracts fully to avoid potential legal repercussions.

Interns cannot file sexual harassment suits

Indiana residents who are unpaid interns may be concerned by a recent ruling from a federal district court. According to the court, an intern for a TV broadcaster could not file a sexual harassment lawsuit against the broadcaster because she was not paid and was not considered an employee. According to the woman who brought the suit against the company, she was lured into a hotel room by her supervisor under the pretext of talking about permanent employment.

How an unpaid internship can break labor laws in Indiana

If you've ever looked for a job in a newspaper or on a popular job-search website, chances are you've seen a posting for an internship. And while you may have been tempted by the job description-perhaps it sounded like your dream job-you were probably disappointed by the fact that it was an unpaid internship.

Federal judge to hear FBI agents' age discrimination cases

As most people may already know, Indiana and many other states have strict employment laws that make it unlawful for a business or company to treat any worker unfairly because of age; but what if your employer were the United States Government? How do you claim age discrimination when they are the ones creating the laws?

How labor groups are helping the un-unionized workforce

We've all seen or heard at one time or another of a story in which a worker sues their former employer for violating employment laws. This has especially been the case with more and more people in low-wage jobs who are finally coming forward with complaints about employers paying them less than minimum wage.

US Supreme Court could step in on DOMA cases

For most people across the state, the upcoming election means more than just who will become the next president, it could change whether employers offer benefits to same-sex couples or not.

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