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Ex-shelter workers says concerns led to her wrongful termination

People who have a love for animals will sometimes gravitate toward working in shelters to care for their four-legged friends. However, when there are disagreements over how an establishment should be run, problems can arise that workers in Indiana and elsewhere may not expect. A power struggle over an animal shelter allegedly caused a 19-year veteran clerical worker to lose her job. The woman claims the reason for her wrongful termination was because she helped the New Jersey SPCA file criminal charges against the former director. The ex-director was arrested for animal cruelty, and a superior court ordered that the shelter was to be controlled by a state group for six months.

Wrongful termination in Indiana

When someone feels that they have been terminated or let go from their job for a reason that was unlawful, they may be able to file a wrongful termination claim against their employer. Someone is considered to have been unlawfully terminated if they were discharged in violation of discrimination laws, as a result of refusing to succumb to sexual harassment or in retaliation because an employee has brought a claim against their employer.

Probation officer names wrong defendant

A former Indiana chief probation officer found his lawsuit for wrongful termination stymied when a federal judge ruled that the claim had named the wrong defendant. The judge based his dismissal on the fact that probation officers serve, in effect, as employees of state and not county courts.

Employee claims retaliation in race discrimination case

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit Court, which covers Indiana, Wisconsin and Illinois, made a recent decision regarding a food-services employee who worked for a hospital and claims that she was the victim of racial discrimination. At the heart of the wrongful termination suit is the need for employers to retain accurate records regarding work hours and employment policies.

Indiana Supreme Court considers wrongful termination suit

One of the responsibilities of being an employer is appropriately handling disputes with an employee. Both parties are obligated to honor their employment contract. If either one is in breach of it, this can lead to termination of the contract, or even legal disputes. If an individual feels they have been treated unfairly by their place of work, the repercussions can be severe. In Indiana, a local union has approached the Supreme Court over a matter of wrongful termination of employee contracts.

Protect yourself after wrongful termination

Leaving a place of employment and seeking another position typically requires presenting a set of references to the potential new employer. Many people are under the impression that a previous employer can only disclose the dates of employment and job title. The residents of Indiana may be interested to learn that in many cases, prior employers are not willing to provide positive feedback, which can prevent the former employee from getting hired at a new job.

Labor board says Walmart violated employee rights

The National Labor Relations Board said that it is prepared to proceed with legal action against Walmart for violation of employees' rights. The NLRB's announcement came after the federal agency found merit in charges filed on behalf of Walmart employees at multiple stores in 14 states, not including Indiana. The charges claimed the retailer engaged in wrongful discharge and other retaliatory conduct against workers who engaged in legally protected protests, strikes and other concerted activity.

7th Circuit Court makes decision in retaliation case

Retaliation in the workplace is never a good thing to have to deal with. Nor is it very legal either, but it’s something one assistant state’s attorney had to deal with when he was fired from his position after testifying against another attorney. Though his claims of wrongful termination were initially dismissed by the District Court, the 7th Circuit Court has since reversed the decision, allowing the man to move forward with his claims of retaliation.

Will McDonald’s employees face retaliation after walking off job?

As many of our readers remember, Twitter exploded recently with a flurry of posts as temperatures across the nation began to soar. For people here in Indiana, it was hard not to notice rising temps or the score of angry workers forced to work in such heat. But for those areas of the nation not sweltering from the heat, it was hard not to recognize the threat this caused to fast-food workers, especially not after one McDonald’s employee had to be taken to the hospital after passing out at work.

Whistleblowing turns ugly after boss retaliates

A heated legal dispute in New Jersey last month could be catching the attention of workers here in Indiana this month. The dispute centers around two whistleblowers who claim that their boss retaliated against them after they alerted an auditor and the FBI to a suspicious bank deal being made by their employer. The case certainly highlights the importance of whistleblower laws and how they play into retaliation claims.

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