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Posts tagged "wrongfully dismissed"

Illinois workers look to Wal-Mart discrimination case

Illinois Wal-Mart workers may be interested in a discrimination case that has garnered national attention. According to reports, a pregnant woman who worked at one of the retail outlets was fired after she suffered an accident at the store on her day off. She believes she was wrongfully dismissed, and she also says she noted a difference in the way she was treated after she revealed her pregnancy to her employer.

Wrongful termination in Indiana

When someone feels that they have been terminated or let go from their job for a reason that was unlawful, they may be able to file a wrongful termination claim against their employer. Someone is considered to have been unlawfully terminated if they were discharged in violation of discrimination laws, as a result of refusing to succumb to sexual harassment or in retaliation because an employee has brought a claim against their employer.

Taco Bell sued for discriminating against Hispanic employees

A former manager of an Indiana Taco Bell location has filed a complaint in federal court against the fast food chain. The 60-year-old woman claims that her operations leader requested that she not hire Hispanic workers and reprimanded her for doing so. Shortly after a Hispanic employee was observed working at the plaintiff's restaurant, the plaintiff claims she was wrongfully dismissed from her position as general manager.

Wrongful termination suit against Indiana school dismissed

Job security is valuable, and most workers often assume they have it as long as they are fulfilling their duties. However, employers have the task of overseeing all members of their business, and occasionally a decision to dismiss an employee may be misguided or unfair. A school in Indiana recently faced a lawsuit from a former faculty member who claimed to have been wrongfully dismissed. It isn’t clear why his lawsuit was eventually dismissed, as his argument appeared to stand on a solid foundation.

Former baseball coach's wrongful termination claim dismissed

One thing most employees hope for is job security. If you are performing your duties sufficiently, there should be no reason to be dismissed. Nevertheless, sometimes employers will act unjustly and terminate an employee's contract without good reason. This is especially possible in employment-at-will states such as Indiana, but can occur anywhere within the United States.

Indiana Supreme Court considers wrongful termination suit

One of the responsibilities of being an employer is appropriately handling disputes with an employee. Both parties are obligated to honor their employment contract. If either one is in breach of it, this can lead to termination of the contract, or even legal disputes. If an individual feels they have been treated unfairly by their place of work, the repercussions can be severe. In Indiana, a local union has approached the Supreme Court over a matter of wrongful termination of employee contracts.

Former Indianapolis city employee sues for wrongful termination

The former Chief of Professional Standards for the Indianapolis Department of Public Safety has stated that she is filing suit for wrongful termination. According to the woman, who was hired in 2012 and fired just over a year later, she was wrongfully dismissed following an investigation into the handling of evidence in a case where a Indianapolis police officer was accused of being responsible for the death of a motorcyclist. The woman's tort claim states that she was hired to root out fraud and misconduct in the Department of Public Safety but was marginalized.

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