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January 2013 Archives

How labor groups are helping the un-unionized workforce

We've all seen or heard at one time or another of a story in which a worker sues their former employer for violating employment laws. This has especially been the case with more and more people in low-wage jobs who are finally coming forward with complaints about employers paying them less than minimum wage.

Indiana not-for-profit teacher's assistants denied unemployment benefits

Seasonal jobs are a common sight across the nation, including here in Indiana. Whether you're a concession-stand attendant at a ballpark or a school teacher, you know that during the off season, you will likely have to seek alternate work or face the tough decision of watching your income slip away during the months of no work.

Indiana funeral director resigns after refusing to create fake bodies

Normally, wrongful discharge lawsuits aren't that strange; people can sue for a variety of reasons and most of the time those reasons are backed by evidence of discrimination, harassment, or other violations of employment law. But a bizarre case in Indianapolis has residents buzzing this month about a man who had to resign from his position because he refused to create fake cadavers for a funeral home.

Indianapolis staffing company sued for violating federal labor laws

A federal lawsuit was filed this month in an Indiana District Court after a worker accused an Indianapolis staffing company, Access Therapies, of not only abusing legal foreign workers but violating federal labor laws as well.

Former employee sues Armani for wrongful termination

The famous fashion company Giorgio Armani Corp is known for many things, but knowingly covering up an incident of sexual harassment then allowing the victim to be wrongfully terminated afterwards simply isn't one of those things its known for.

McCormick & Schmick's employee wins disability discrimination lawsuit

Nearly everyone in Indianapolis is familiar with the popular restaurant chain McCormick & Schmick's. Generally regarded as an upscale restaurant with exceedingly high standards for employee decorum, a recent lawsuit out of Maryland may change this perception and show people nationwide that even upscale restaurants are not immune to employment law violations.

Employers discriminating against mothers in the workplace

How would you feel, as a parent, if your employer made comments such as "I bet if you had a nanny you could be at work more," or "Don't you feel bad leaving your kids at home while you're at work?" Would you be okay with them or would you be offended?

Can a rant of Facebook get you fired from your job?

In the fall of 2010, a worker at Hispanics United of Buffalo received a text message from one of her fellow employees stating that she was going to "discuss her concerns regarding employee performance" to their executive director. According to phone and text message conversations, she had been criticizing fellow employees for quite some time, often commenting that she felt that many of the employees at HUB "did not provide timely and adequate assistance to clients."

Will the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra make music in 2013?

The New Year was bittersweet for many Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra members who were both thankful that the lockout was over but disappointed by the 32 percent reduction in their salaries for the 2013 concert calendar.

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