What you should document for your wrongful termination case

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Losing a job can be a stressful experience, especially if you believe your employer was unfair when they let you go.

If you plan to take legal action for wrongful termination, it is important to gather evidence to support your case.

Employment records

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission filed charges against 73,485 individuals and businesses in 2022. Therefore, if you believe you were terminated unfairly, collect all documents related to your employment, including your offer letter, contracts, performance reviews and any written communication regarding your job duties or responsibilities.

Gather copies of your performance reviews, as well as any feedback or evaluations you received from supervisors or colleagues. Keep track of your pay stubs and any documentation related to your benefits, such as health insurance or retirement plans to establish your employment status and the financial impact of your termination. Review your employer’s policies and employee handbook. Document any instances where your termination may have violated company procedures or guidelines.

Termination notice

To support your employment law case, keep a copy of any termination notice or letter you received from your employer. Note the date, reasons provided (if any) and who delivered the notice. Then, gather statements from anyone who witnessed or discussed your termination or any incident that led up to it.

Incident documentation

If there were specific incidents or events leading up to your termination, document them in detail. Include dates, times, locations and any witnesses present. Be as specific as possible.


Save any emails, memos or other correspondence between you and your employer regarding your performance, disciplinary actions or termination.

As you finish gathering your evidence, do not forget to write down your own recollections of events leading up to your termination.


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