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August 2013 Archives

Are non-compete clauses fair? One court weighs in

Some of our more frequent readers here in Indiana may remember a November 2012 post in which we touched on the topic of non-compete clauses. In the post, we explained that non-compete clauses within an employment contract bars an individual from leaving a place of employment and accepting a position with another company that is deemed a competitor. While breaking these non-compete clauses can lead to sometimes fierce litigation, a recent case out of California this month questioned the legality of such clauses, siding in favor of the employee rather than the contract.

Assisted living company agrees to pay out $2.2 million settlement

An unpaid-wage case from the West Coast has a lot of our Indiana readers cheering this month after the employer agreed to pay out a $2.2 million settlement for claims that it routinely underpaid its workers. This particular class-action lawsuit highlighted the restlessness among many health care workers, especially those working in assisted living facilities and how they are fighting back against unfair wages and violations in employment law.

Jury awards veteran $75,000 for disability discrimination case

If you’re like most of our readers, you may have noticed society’s shift towards improving the protection of people’s civil rights in the workplace. This is especially true for people with disabilities, who often demonstrate that they are just as capable of doing a job as a nondisabled person. Unfortunately, some employers are still found guilty of disability discrimination, which the nation saw play out recently in a court room this month.

Are unpaid interns protected by the Civil Rights Act?

When it comes to unpaid internships, readers of our blog have seen us touch base on how these types of employees are compensated in Indiana, but we have never really delved into whether their civil rights are protected by the law. For some of our readers, this may seem silly. Unpaid interns should be protected by federal and state employment laws. But what might surprise our readers is that this might not be the case right now.

Former FAA workers alleges religious discrimination in lawsuit

Employees here in Indiana should never have to fear that they are going to lose their job because of their religious beliefs. But this statement also goes for all employees across the nation as well, because any employer who fails to accommodate an employee’s religious beliefs could face serious litigation in the form of a religious discrimination lawsuit.

State worker settles disability discrimination suit with county

While readers of our blog are likely interested in hearing about local employment law stories, they also know that sometimes the best examples of abuses in the system come from other states. That’s because, they can see that these cases are not only happening across the nation but also how different states handle such similar employment law cases to those in Indiana.

7th Circuit Court makes decision in retaliation case

Retaliation in the workplace is never a good thing to have to deal with. Nor is it very legal either, but it’s something one assistant state’s attorney had to deal with when he was fired from his position after testifying against another attorney. Though his claims of wrongful termination were initially dismissed by the District Court, the 7th Circuit Court has since reversed the decision, allowing the man to move forward with his claims of retaliation.

Worker allowed to argue sexual harassment claims once more

When it comes to sexual harassment in the workplace, Indiana employees are urged to not only express their discomfort for these situations but to take up their complaints to their employers. That’s because, in states across the nation, employers can be held liable if they do not take reasonable action against employees who are found to have sexual harassed another employee.

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