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Your Country Of Origin Does Not Affect How You Do Your Job

As the world becomes more globally integrated, more people of different nationalities and ancestry work together, which may cause potential conflicts from employers and employees who don’t like or understand different national traditions or who have conflicts with employees of other nationalities. If you are a victim of national origin discrimination, our Indianapolis lawyers can help.

At the Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, we have more than three decades of experience helping clients all over Indiana resolve legal disputes with their employers. Ours is the largest employment litigation firm in the state that is dedicated to employee representation. Our attorneys have brought discrimination cases before federal and state employment commissions as well as to trial.

As An Employee Of Any Nationality Or Background, You Have Rights

Along with its history of immigration, America has a history of discrimination against new ethnic groups. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) covers issues of discrimination based on immigration and nationality. It prohibits employers from discriminating against, or allowing discrimination between employees based on:

  • Their place of birth
  • Their family ancestry
  • Their language or accent
  • Their culture
  • Being married to or associating with persons of a certain nationality or ethnic group
  • Membership or association with groups that promote specific ethnic origins
  • Attendance at educational or religious institutions associated with a specific nationality or ethnic group
  • A name associated with a specific nationality or ethnic group

It is not just people of European descent discriminating against other nationalities, discrimination can also occur between ethnic groups that seem similar, for instance, an Indian may discriminate against a Pakistani or a Russian may discriminate against a Serbian. Depending on the situation, religious discrimination may be a factor as well.

Our lawyers will sit down with you to discuss what happened and how it can potentially be remedied. We understand how difficult it can be to stand up to discrimination in your workplace. We will help you make your workplace a safer, less discriminatory environment.

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