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Discrimination Can Occur Before You Get The Job

You’ve gotten the interview. You’re sitting in the waiting area, looking at the competition. They’re all at least 20 years younger than you.

You go into the office, where you politely shake hands with the person who may end up being your supervisor. He or she starts asking questions about your health, your family, whether you’ve ever made a workers’ compensation claim, even “can you work with younger people and take direction from them?”

If this has ever happened to you, you may be the victim of hiring discrimination. Many people who are fully qualified for the job are eliminated from the candidate pool due to discrimination on the part of the potential employer. You may have a case based on unlawful failure to hire. Our Indianapolis hiring discrimination lawyers can help you figure out what happened and whether your complaint is legitimate.

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How Can Employers Discriminate Against Me Before Hiring Me?

A potential employer looks at many different factors when hiring a new employee. If a job candidate is a member of a protected class and has all of the qualifications and experience required for the position, but is passed over for the job in favor of someone who is less qualified and less experienced, discrimination may have occurred.

Hiring discrimination can occur due to:

Our lawyers will sit down with you to discuss the interview, the results and the kinds of questions that were asked on the application and during the interview. If we find that you were discriminated against, we will pursue justice on your behalf.

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