Employer Requirements

What Your Employer Requires As Part Of The Job Description May Be Unfair

If you are a disabled employee or someone with a disability who is searching for a job, an employer’s job requirements may be impossible to meet, even if you are qualified for the job. Physical and mental disabilities are supposed to be given reasonable accommodation by employers, and they are prohibited from discriminating against employees or potential employees because they have a disability.

If your employer refuses to accommodate your disability, or if you have applied for a job and have been turned down because you don’t meet the requirements based on your disability, and no accommodation was offered, you should talk with our Indianapolis attorneys.

At the Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, we have more than three decades of experience representing clients all over Indiana who come into conflict with their employers. Our lawyers understand the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act in terms of reasonable accommodation on the employer’s part and how it can apply to you. We are the largest employment litigation firm in the state and have successfully resolved legal disputes for thousands of clients. Our representation is exclusive to employees, we never represent employers.

How Can You Help Me Meet Or Overcome My Employer’s Requirements?

It is reasonable to expect an employee to meet certain job qualifications. However, the ADA requires employers to make allowances for people with disabilities. This means if you can do your job, but have to do it standing up all day, your employer needs to provide you with a workstation that accommodates this. If you are confined to a wheelchair but can perform all of your regular duties in that chair, your employer needs to make sure that you can get around the office or work area and that you can get to everything you need to reach to do your job.

Our attorneys have extensive listings of physical requirements for different vocations and how they can be accommodated for under the ADA. We will research your position and work to come to a positive resolution for you.

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