Do I Qualify As A Whistleblower?

At Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, we understand that becoming a whistleblower is no easy task. That is why if you feel like you are suffering at work because of your status as a whistleblower, it is important to talk with our attorneys.

We have a deep knowledge of federal and Indiana whistleblower laws and what you must do to protect your rights. Our Indianapolis-based employment lawyers are known for fighting on behalf of workers, and we can offer you the same dedication and high-quality representation.

What Must I Do To Qualify As A Whistleblower?

Whistleblower laws — both state and federal — are quite complicated. In fact, it is very difficult to get state whistleblower protection here in Indiana, making sound legal representation essential.

In some instances, Indiana or Federal law requires you to provide the government with written information about the alleged illegal activity that you are reporting and prove that you suffered retaliation because of it. Additionally, you must also prove that you notified your employer of any illegal activity.

As your lawyers, we can walk you through the process. We will review your case to determine if you qualify. We can then make sure your filings contain all of the relevant information and that you have the evidence you need to prove your claims.

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