Indianapolis Employment Contract Lawyers

You Sign An Employment Contract For A Reason

Most employees who work on contract choose to do so because their duties and requirements, as well as the pay and benefits they will receive from their employer, are clearly laid out so both parties understand what is expected of them. When your employer tries to change your contract, or decides not to renew your contract because you are unwilling to work extra hours or lose benefits, you need the help of an Indianapolis employment contract attorney.

The Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, is the largest employment litigation firm in Indiana representing employees. John H. Haskin has more than 36 years of experience in successfully resolving conflicts between employers and employees all over the state. Our lawyers are skilled at negotiation and trial, and will aggressively protect your rights. We understand how important your job is to you, we want you be able to keep it.

How Can You Help Me With My Employment Contract?

If your employer has decided not to renew your contract, we will look at the reasons behind this decision and the remedies available to you. An employer may act unlawfully when it fails to renew contracts if the employee followed the contract.

If you are in the process of negotiating a new contract, our attorneys can review your current contract and look for ways to make it more favorable for you. In addition, we can negotiate with your employer on your behalf.

We also look for ways to help you and your employer avoid potential conflicts in the future. By pointing out potential issues and helping you discuss and resolve them now, we can smooth the way for a long-term, satisfying working relationship for both sides.

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