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Your Age Does Not Affect Your Ability To Work

Many older employees find themselves moved to a new position, laid off, fired or “encouraged” to quit. Most commonly, this is done because older workers may receive pensions if they stayed a certain amount of time, have more expensive health care or use more sick time because of their own or family members’ illnesses. If you are 40 or above, you are considered part of a protected class and you may have a discrimination claim against your employer. Our age discrimination lawyers help employees in Indianapolis and all over Indiana seek compensation if their employers acted wrongly.

The Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, has decades of experience in successfully resolving legal disputes between employees and employers. We are the largest Indiana employment litigation firm dedicated to employee representation. We have handled many discrimination claims of all types, including age discrimination. We understand what you are facing, and we know how to help.

How Do I Know If I’m Being Discriminated Against Because Of My Age?

Workplace discrimination comes in many different forms. Age discrimination usually involves an employer wanting to move older employees along before they start costing too much. You may be a victim of age discrimination if:

  • You and other employees of your age were laid off as a group ( reduction of workforce)
  • You were fired for no discernible reason but other, younger employees were not
  • You are treated differently from other, younger employees by your employer

In addition, an employer may discriminate against you during the hiring process. If you are qualified for the job you applied for but do not get it and you find out they hired less skilled, younger employees, you may have a failure to hire claim.

Our attorneys will sit down with you to discuss the chain of events that led to your job loss or other complaint. We will help you determine whether you have a legitimate claim and how you were discriminated against. If you do, we will pursue justice for the wrongs done to you.

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