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Were You Laid Off Because Of Discrimination?

During these tough economic times, layoffs are a fact of life. However, the individuals who have been laid off are supposed to be chosen by a set of specific requirements in order to avoid discrimination or unbalancing the workforce. Not all employers follow these requirements. Instead, some use a layoff as an opportunity to get rid of a specific group of employees. If you believe you are the victim of discrimination during workforce reduction, our Indianapolis attorneys may be able to help.

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Determining Discrimination In Workforce Reductions

Most companies know well in advance of when the layoffs are announced that they will have to let some employees go. There are substantial communications between different levels of management via email, memos and company announcements. We examine these communications to see if there is any indication that your company or your manager made decisions that were unlawful.

For instance, a memo goes out saying that all employees who have a below average performance review should be laid off. After years of getting above average performance reviews, you and other co-workers in a similar age bracket, with a similar number of years with the company or of similar backgrounds all receive below average reviews and are laid off. This may be considered discriminatory behavior on your employer’s part.

You may be discriminated against because of your:

Employers are required to look at many factors when laying off employees, including who has the most transferable skills, diversity within the workforce and other issues. If your employer chooses to discriminate against you, it should be held accountable.

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