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Your Physical Safety Should Not Be Threatened In The Workplace

While the news is full of reports of people being gunned down at work by unbalanced employees, a far more prevalent issue is physical violence in the workplace, between employees and employers as well as between co-workers. Your employer has a common law duty to provide a safe work environment, which includes being free of threats and violence. If you are concerned about your physical safety at work because you have been threatened or because you have been assaulted, our Indianapolis workplace violence attorneys can help.

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What Is Considered A Threat Or Violence?

Anything that makes you fear for your personal safety can be considered a workplace threat. If you have been physically assaulted at work, whether you were pushed, punched or beaten up, it can be considered workplace violence.

How Do I Deal With Violence In The Workplace?

You shouldn’t have to. However, if you do, your employer should have a system in place to report threats and violence, either from your superiors or from your colleagues. If no system exists, or if you have made a report and nothing has been done to correct the problem, we will help you file a hostile work environment claim against your employer as well as other claims if they are appropriate.

Our lawyers will sit down with you to discuss what happened and how your employer handled the situation. We will investigate your assailant’s past work history to see if there have been any other incidents or complaints against this person. We will do everything in our power to help you stay safe and pursue justice for the harm done to you.

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