Indianapolis Mental Disorder Discrimination Lawyers

You Should Not Be Treated Unfairly Because Of Your Mental Disabilities

Mental disorders are difficult to manage at best, regardless of how severe they are. Suffering discrimination at work because of your disability can make things even worse. In spite of the fact that discrimination because of any disability, including a mental disorder, is illegal, it does occur in many workplaces across Indiana. If you are a victim of mental disorder discrimination, our Indianapolis attorneys can help.

The Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, has served clients across Indiana for more than three decades, helping them successfully resolve legal disputes with their employers. We are the largest and most experienced employment law firm in the state, and we are dedicated solely to employee representation. Our lawyers have represented clients before state and federal employment commissions and taken cases before a judge and jury. We will aggressively pursue justice on your behalf.

Discrimination Based On A Disability Is Illegal

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits discrimination against employees with disabilities, including mental disabilities. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop discrimination from occurring. Examples of mental disability discrimination can include:

  • Failure to accommodate your disability or disorder
  • Failure to allow you time off to attend appointments with doctors or therapists
  • Not allowing you enough time to complete your tasks, based on your different abilities
  • Giving you the worst shifts or assignments
  • Employers or employees making jokes or harassing you about your disability
  • Firing or laying you off when your employer finds out about your mental disorder
  • Not hiring you because of your mental disorder when you have the appropriate qualifications for the job

Our attorneys will sit down with you to discuss what happened and how we can help remedy the situation for you. You deserve the same respect, fair treatment and safe working environment that all of your co-workers have. We will fight for justice on your behalf.

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