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The Color Of Your Skin Should Not Affect How You Are Treated At Work

It is an unfortunate truth that there is still racial bias in this country, and it can affect everyone. Most commonly, it affects minority groups and can lead to low morale in the workplace and possibly even create a hostile work environment if harassment is involved. If you feel that you are being discriminated against at work because of your race, talk to our Indianapolis race discrimination attorneys about your rights.

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Forms Of Racial Discrimination

While racial discrimination has become more subtle in the workplace than it used to be, it may still exist, in spite of efforts to change negative attitudes and practices. Indications that you may be suffering racial discrimination include:

  • Not being hired for a job and finding out that someone of a different race who is less qualified than you got the job
  • Being fired or laid off from a job when employees of a different race with less seniority and less qualifications are not
  • Being an exemplary employee with good reviews and performance history but never receiving a promotion when employees of other races with worse employment records are promoted
  • After working your way through the ranks, finding out that someone of a different race with similar qualifications was recently hired and is being paid more than you
  • Having your sales territory given to someone of a different race and receiving a territory in a minority area where you will make less money
  • Co-workers tell racially slanted jokes and when you ask them to stop or complain to your supervisor, nothing is done

You have a right to stand up for yourself in any of these situations. Our lawyers will sit down with you to discuss what happened and what can be done to remedy the situation for you.

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