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Sometimes Standing Together Can Do More Than Filing Separately

Filing a class-action lawsuit may be the most effective way of stopping your employer from engaging in behaviors that affect you and your co-workers adversely. Because the impact of many people coming together to show that an employer is behaving badly is stronger than that of one or two individuals, it may be in your best interests to consider a class-action lawsuit if you believe that what is happening to you is happening to a group of your co-workers as well.

At the Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, our Indianapolis attorneys can help you file a class-action lawsuit against your employer. With decades of experience in handling employment law disputes, our law firm is the largest employment litigation firm in Indiana dedicated to employee representation. We represent clients all over the state and have successfully resolved claims for thousands of people, including class-action lawsuits.

What Does A Class-Action Lawsuit Do For Me?

A class-action lawsuit allows several members of a class to file a lawsuit together, representing a larger overall group of individuals who are adversely affected by an employer. This means a small group of people, say 50 or so, can file a lawsuit against their employer for something that affects a larger group of people, for instance, all of the people holding a specific position at the company. Class-action lawsuits may be most effective when it is difficult to show discrimination or another adverse action against individuals but it can be proven against a group of employees.

Class-action lawsuits can be filed against an employer for many reasons, including:

Our lawyers will sit down with you and your co-workers to discuss your situations and see if a class-action lawsuit would be your best option. If so, we will diligently pursue justice for all of you.

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