Indianapolis Noncompete Agreement Attorneys

What Does It Actually Say And What Does That Mean For You?

A noncompete agreement restricts an employee from working for a competitor within a certain amount of time or within a certain geographical area, or from bringing client lists or sharing trade secrets with future employers. While these restrictions may seem reasonable at face value, many of them end up being far more in favor of the employer than the employee.

At the Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, we understand what makes a legal or illegal noncompete agreement. We have helped thousands of employees all over Indiana resolve legal disputes with their employers. If you feel that your employer’s noncompete policies are unfair or too restrictive, contact our Indianapolis noncompete agreement lawyers to discuss your situation.

When we look at a noncompete agreement, we ask the following questions:

  • Is it reasonable? Are your employer’s demands out of line in terms of your being able to find future employment within your current field?
  • Is it enforceable? Is the noncompete agreement so broad or so incongruent that it would be impossible to enforce in a court of law?
  • Do employees realize what this can do to their careers? By signing this agreement, are you aware of the impact this can potentially have on your future?
  • Has the law changed since this was written? If your noncompete agreement has already been signed, is it still compliant with current laws?

We Will Stand Up For Your Rights

If you find yourself trapped by a noncompete agreement, our attorneys will review the contract, employee handbook, employment agreement, severance contract or other document that lists the noncompete requirements.

If we find that it is unreasonable, and your employer (or former employer) insists on trying to enforce it, we will work aggressively to prevent this penalty from counting against you.

If it is unenforceable and your employer attempts to enforce it anyway, we will take action to inform the company and obtain compliance with the law.

We can also review a noncompete agreement prior to your signing the contract and help you negotiate a less restrictive situation in the future.

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