Indiana Employment Contract Review Attorney

Whether you are negotiating a new employment contract or you are thinking of leaving your job and need to find out what your contract allows, an employment law attorney can provide you with crucial insight.

At Employment Law Office of John H. Haskin & Associates, LLC, our lawyers and staff are known in Indianapolis and throughout Indiana for their ability to protect employees’ interests. We can thoroughly review any employment contract to make sure you are receiving fair treatment.

Do Not Trust Just Your Gut When It Comes To Your Contract

Even if you and your employer are on good terms, we cannot recommend enough that you have an attorney review any contract on your behalf. If you do not, you could be exposing yourself to financial harm or further legal issues. We can make sure your contract clearly spells out:

  • What your job duties are
  • The details of your compensation
  • The length of time the contract runs

Additionally, if your contract contains a noncompete clause, we will determine whether it conforms with state laws and if it is enforceable.

As skilled litigators, we can represent you in court or in negotiations with your employer if necessary. We understand the law regarding noncompete clauses, nondisclosure agreements, compensation and many other types of clauses that may appear in your contract. We can provide you with the protection you need to do your job effectively.

Contact An Indiana Employment Law Attorney Today

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