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February 2013 Archives

How likely are you to be rehired after the age of 50?

It's a question that has been weighing heavily on the minds of many older adults in Indiana for years now. Ever since the recession, the job market has become not only competitive but businesses are advancing on the idea that more experienced workers equal higher pay. But what happens to people who are 50 years or older and out of work? And can businesses really discriminate against them based on their age?

Federal judge to hear FBI agents' age discrimination cases

As most people may already know, Indiana and many other states have strict employment laws that make it unlawful for a business or company to treat any worker unfairly because of age; but what if your employer were the United States Government? How do you claim age discrimination when they are the ones creating the laws?

Contractor sues landscaper for breach of contract

Businesses in Indiana that frequently contract work to other businesses know that every signed agreement takes a certain leap of faith. Business owners know that for the most part, the company that they are doing business with will pay them for services rendered. But it's when we hear about the times when a company has broken the terms of a contract that we're thankful to have legal experts ready to help when needed.

Former OWN network employee sues for sex and pregnancy discrimination

As we've mentioned before, discrimination against pregnant woman, although illegal in the state of Indiana, has been cropping up in lawsuits across the nation for a few years now. This has become such a problem that now some legal experts have noticed that a subcategory has developed called family responsibility discrimination, which is forcing many employers to rethink how they treat their employees after they have had a child.

At-will employment disclaimers causing problems nationwide

A majority of people in Indiana know that our state is one of many that allow for at-will employment. As many of our readers know, at-will employment means that an employer can end the employment of any worker for any or no reason as long as the termination of the employment is not done so in an unlawful matter.

Disabled worker awarded $130,000 settlement in discrimination case

If you worked for a company that specialized in litigation management products for law firms and corporate legal departments, you'd assume that they knew what they were doing when it came to employment law. You'd also assume that they'd follow all the rules associated with making sure that your rights were protected, right?

Compensation warded to three female employees in sexual harassment case

The Indianapolis-based company Finish Line found itself caught in the middle of a lawsuit in late January after three former employees came forward, citing that their then 38-year-old boss had subjected them to severe sexual harassment in 2009.

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