Disabled worker awarded $130,000 settlement in discrimination case

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If you worked for a company that specialized in litigation management products for law firms and corporate legal departments, you’d assume that they knew what they were doing when it came to employment law. You’d also assume that they’d follow all the rules associated with making sure that your rights were protected, right?

Unfortunately, this was not the case for one Delaware man who filed a lawsuit against his employer and a related company for discriminating against his disability then retaliating against him by firing him from his job.

According to the complaint filed with the EEOC, the company knew about his disability-a hearing impairment known as unilateral conductive hearing loss-that gives him full hearing in one ear, but not the other. As a sales representative for the company, he noticed that he was having difficulties hearing phone conversations while working in the noisy environment of the office. His request to telecommute and take business calls from home, though initially approved, was later rescinded without warning or reason.

He complained to management who he claims “failed to provide an alternate reasonable accommodation” for his needs. In addition to the lack of action on their part, he was also fired from his position, a measure he and his lawyer felt constituted as a retaliatory action.

At the end of last month, he was awarded $130,000 in a settlement from the two companies named in the disability discrimination lawsuit.

This is not only a victory for the man but a perfect example for Indiana residents of how to seek compensation in the event that they have been discriminated against by their employer.

Source: The EEOC, “D.O.E Technologies and doeLegal Will Pay $300,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit,” Press Release, Jan. 30, 2013


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