Contractor sues landscaper for breach of contract

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Businesses in Indiana that frequently contract work to other businesses know that every signed agreement takes a certain leap of faith. Business owners know that for the most part, the company that they are doing business with will pay them for services rendered. But it’s when we hear about the times when a company has broken the terms of a contract that we’re thankful to have legal experts ready to help when needed.

Such is the case for one Louisiana man who has found himself in the center of a breach of contract dispute this month after he claims he was not paid fully for services rendered.

According to his complaint, he was hired as a contractor for a landscaping company in 2010. He had made an agreement with the company to be paid at a rate of $200 a day for his services between June 2010 and June 2012. But according to his complaint, he was only paid approximately $100 to $120 a day.

Although it is not clear at this time, one can assume that he was not aware of any wage changes nor had he agreed to these changes in his contract. Still owed almost $13,000 from the landscaping company, the man has sued for his unpaid wages. Like with Indiana employment laws that allow a person to also sue for penalties and lost wages, the Louisiana man is also suing for this additional compensation.

Some people think that just because they aren’t on a company’s payroll, they can’t sue for any unpaid wages. This simply isn’t the case though and if you feel that your contract has been breached in any way, you have the right to seek what is owed to you by law.

Source: The Louisiana Record, “Landscaper sued by laborer for not fully compensating him for two years,” Kyle Barnett, Feb. 12, 2013


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