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April 2016 Archives

You don't have to be afraid to speak up

No matter where a person decides to work, there is a chance that they will witness their employer doing something they should not be doing. Ideally, employers should not violate the law and put their employees in a difficult spot, but it happens from time to time and people have to make the decision to report their employer or ignore any wrongdoing. Moving forward with reporting their employer is the right thing to do, but they will then be known as a whistleblower, and they may find themselves experiencing changes in the workplace, starting with a hostile work environment and likely escalating from there.

What should people keep a record of if they are terminated?

When people are terminated from their job, it can have a huge impact on their life. Even though their termination has left them unemployed with no source of income, most people may walk away and accept that their employer has dismissed them. Depending on the reason for this dismissal, people should actually question their employer's motives. Should they decide to investigate their termination, or they believe that the reason for them being fired was illegal, they will want to keep track of certain things, especially if it will help them prove their case.

An attorney can help protect your employment rights

As an employee, you have rights. It is often accepted that employers will try to make their employees think that they cannot take action, but you always have a say in the matter. For that reason, you should pay very close attention to their employer's actions, especially after the you have taken leave.

Steps to take when you have been discriminated against at work

When people go into work, they expect to be treated with respect by both their coworkers and superiors. Although this is the expectation, there are many people who have run into issues at work. Not only have some had to deal with disrespectful coworkers, there are many people who have encountered employers who felt that it was acceptable to discriminate against them.

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