What should people keep a record of if they are terminated?

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When people are terminated from their job, it can have a huge impact on their life. Even though their termination has left them unemployed with no source of income, most people may walk away and accept that their employer has dismissed them. Depending on the reason for this dismissal, people should actually question their employer’s motives. Should they decide to investigate their termination, or they believe that the reason for them being fired was illegal, they will want to keep track of certain things, especially if it will help them prove their case.

When a person has been terminated from their position, they should keep a record of the following:

  • Emails between employee and employer.
  • Who they spoke to when terminated.
  • What was said when they were terminated.

The abovementioned may not be something that people will think to keep a record of when they are first terminated, so if they decide to later take action and file a claim, it is important for them to at least try to remember these things. If possible, they should also request a copy of their personnel file to see if it can confirm the reason they were terminated. Ideally, if the employee was terminated for a legitimate reason, for example, misconduct, this file will reflect that.

It is never a good feeling when a person loses their job, but it is even worse when they know it was something they did not deserve. Employers will find any reason to let someone go, but that doesn’t mean this reason is legal or justified. Anyone who has questions about wrongful termination or is considering filing a claim against their former employer should speak to an attorney who may be able to assist them.


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